PCA66-CXB ARCNET Network Interface Module

PCA66-CXB ARCNET Network Interface Module PCA66-CXB ARCNET Network Interface Module

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Part Number: PCA66-CXB
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: PCA66
Function: IDOS to HMI Communication Card
Product Type: Interface Module

PCA66-CXB is an ARCNET Network Interface Module and is part of the GE Speedtronic Mark V gas turbine control system with the series of PCA66. The NIMs link ISA Compatible computers with the ARCNET local area network. ARCNET is classified as a token bus LAN operating at 2.5 Mbps while supporting two hundred fifty-five nodes. Interfacing ARCNET to a host computer usually requires a NIM that plugs into the host computer bus. The PCA66 incorporates the 16 bit COM90C66 ARCNET controller chip with enhanced features over earlier generation ARCNET Chips. New features include command changing and sequential I/O mapping of the internal RAM buffer.

  • There is usually no requirement for wait-state arbitration. The PCA66 is backward compatible with earlier generation 90C26 and 90C65 8-bit ARCNET Controllers and will operate as a replacement.
  • Each PCA66 module has two LEDs on the Board. The green LED indicates that the module is transmitting data on the network and the yellow LED indicates bus access to the module. It also has an external DIP switch so that node addresses can be easily assigned without removing the module.

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  • COM90C66 16-Bit Controller
  • Interfaces ARCNET with ISA Bus Computers
  • Support either memory mapped or I/O mapped RAm buffer
  • Command chaining for enhanced performance
  • Compatible with contemporary controls MODHub and AI Series active hubs
  • CMOS design for low power consumption


What is Mark V PCA66-CXB?

PCA66-CXB is an ARCNET Network Interface Module that functions as an IDOS to HMI Communication Card.

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Does the PCA66-CXB have a Warranty?

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