IC3600ADAD1 - GE Speedtronic Diode D/A Converter Board

IC3600ADAD1 - GE Speedtronic Diode D/A Converter Board IC3600ADAD1 - GE Speedtronic Diode D/A Converter Board

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Part Number: IC3600ADAD1A
Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
Country of Origin: USA
Availability: In Stock

IC3600ADAD1A is a Diode D/A Converter Board manufactured by General Electric Fanuc as part of the Mark II series used in gas turbine control management systems. With some processes having single or double redundancies built-in to ensure reliability and safe machine operation, the Mark II utilized integrated circuits and microprocessors to carry out control, sequencing, and protection duties. Through-hole fixed components are used to construct the converter board. You can attach components either vertically or horizontally. Diodes, resistors, and capacitors are included in this. Two aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a 50V rating and two polyester vinyl capacitors with a 200 VDC +/- 10% rating are among the capacitors on the board. Three trim potentiometers are also integrated into the board and are placed parallel to one another in the corner.

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What is GE Mark II IC3600ADAD1A?

It is a Diode digital to analog Converter Board developed by General Electric Fanuc.

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