IC3600VBCU Binary Counter Board

IC3600VBCU Binary Counter Board IC3600VBCU Binary Counter Board

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Part Number: IC3600VBCU
Manufacturer: GE FANUC
Product Type: Binary Counter
Series: Mark I & II

IC3600VBCU is a Binary Counter Board and is part of the GE Fanuc Mark I & II Series gas turbine control systems. This card contains four-bit counters, each bit has a normal and inverse output. The two 4-bit binary counters may be operated as an 8-bit binary counter by connecting the zero output of the lower order bit - 8 count to the P - Output of the second counter.

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What is GE FANUC IC3600VBCU?

The IC3600VBCU is a Binary Counter Board.

What is a Binary Counter, and how does it work?

A binary counter is a hardware device composed of a series of flip-flops.

What exactly is a four-bit binary counter?

The SN74HC163 is a binary counter with four bits. All flip-flops are clocked at the same time to enable synchronized operation.