IC3600STSA1 - Temperature Control Board

IC3600STSA1 - Temperature Control Board IC3600STSA1 - Temperature Control Board

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Part No: IC3600STSA1
Manufacturer: General Electric
Function: Temperature Control Board
Series: Mark I and II
Repair: 3-7 Day
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacturer: United States (USA)

Functional Description

IC3600STSA1 is a temperature control board developed by GE. It is a part of Mark I and II control system. This board is designed to ensure the precise regulation of temperature in control system.

Annunciator Alarm

  • Alarm Handling: The annunciator is designed to handle a significant number of alarm conditions, capable of annunciate up to 60 such conditions. These alarms are latching, meaning they persist even if the initial alarm condition is momentary. Operators can clear these alarms by using a designated pushbutton on the panel.
  • Annunciation: When an alarm condition is detected, the annunciator communicates this to operators through both audible and visual signals. An alarm may be annunciated by activating a bell and causing the associated lights to flash, creating a clear and immediate indication of an issue.
  • Annunciator Components: Within the annunciator system, there are components referred to as "drops" that serve as alarm indicators. To manage multiple alarms efficiently, there's an architecture involving an annunciator master card (VANB) and up to 15 annunciator cards (VANA). Each VANA card can accommodate four circuits, allowing for a total of 60 drops. In a standard system, typically 40 drops are used.
  • Operator Controls: The annunciator includes three operator pushbuttons, each serving a specific purpose:
    • LAMP TEST: This button is used to check for burned-out bulbs and ensure that lamp drivers are functioning correctly.
    • ALARM RESET: When pressed, this button silences the alarm bell and converts the flashing light to a steady state. Additionally, it enables another alarm to start flashing if necessary.
    • LAMP RESET: This button is used to clear the flashing light once the alarm condition has been resolved. An automatic lamp reset feature is also available for added convenience.

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What is IC3600STSA1?
It is a Temperature Control Board developed by GE

What is the primary function of the annunciator system?
The annunciator system is designed to handle alarm conditions efficiently and alert operators when issues are detected in the control system.

How many alarm conditions can the annunciator handle?
The annunciator is capable of handling up to 60 alarm conditions, providing a comprehensive approach to monitoring various aspects of the system.

What does it mean when it's mentioned that the alarms are latching?
Latching alarms persist even if the initial alarm condition is momentary. In other words, they remain active until operators take action to clear them.