IC3600SSZA1 - Speed Control Module

IC3600SSZA1 - Speed Control Module IC3600SSZA1 - Speed Control Module

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Part No: IC3600SSZA1
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Speed Control Module Card
Series: Mark I & II
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States (USA)

IC3600SSZA1 is a speed control module developed by GE for the Mark II series. These were the very first Speedtronic Mark series of turbine control equipment. The component is designed with a printed circuit board (PCB) and a large metal plate attached to one side. This metal plate has two large dials on it. Three potentiometers are located on the left half of the PCB, right next to the metal plate. They are also known as variable resistors because they have small dials that can be used to adjust the device's level of resistance. The board has a number of resistors. 

Functional Description

  • The gas turbine speed control, also known as the governor, regulates the speed of the turbine output shaft. The speed control characteristics can be isochronous speed precisely held to setpoint regardless of load), or droop speed decrease with load). A droop governor characteristic is used in generator drive applications, where the gas turbine operates synchronized to a large system, and the speed control performs the load control function inherently.
  • The speed control function is still present and always active in this operating mode, except when the gas turbine is at maximum allowable exhaust temperature. 
  • In response to the setpoint, the speed control operates the turbine. The turbine speed is exactly equal to the setpoint under isochronous control. The setpoint determines turbine load when using droop control with the generator synchronized to the system. Furthermore, the rate of change of the setpoint determines the rates of turbine loading and unloading.
  • There are preselected lead points and lead/unload rates. The setpoint controller receives input from either a local switch on the turbine or generator panel or a remote raise/lower switch. For generator-drive gas turbines, the load can also be set by a load limiter, which receives a signal proportional to the generator load as an input.
  • The load limiter is normally capable of three load limit values: spinning reserve, an intermediate preselected load, and maximum load. Gas turbine output is a function of the speed of the driven equipment in most mechanical drive applications. The gas turbine speed is not synchronized to any system in this application, and an isochronous governor is used.

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What is GE Mark II IC3600SSZA1?

It is a speed control module card developed by GE Fanuc as part of the Mark II series

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