IC3600SSVA1 - Servo Control Card

IC3600SSVA1 - Servo Control Card IC3600SSVA1 - Servo Control Card

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Part No: IC3600SSVA1
Manufacturer: General Electric
Function: Servo Control Card
Series: Mark I and II
Repair: 3-7 Day
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacturer: United States (USA)

Functional Description

IC3600SSVA1 is a Servo Control Card developed by GE. It is a part of Mark I and II control system. Its primary function is to control and regulate the movement or position of machinery by sending control signals to servo motors or other actuation mechanisms. These signals provide precise instructions for the desired movement or position of the controlled system. Servo Control Cards incorporate a feedback mechanism, such as encoders or sensors, to continuously monitor the actual position of the controlled device. This feedback loop allows the control system to make real-time adjustments to maintain accuracy.

System Water Injection Control

  • The injection of water into the ignition chambers of a turbine is a strategic maneuver that yields significant advantages in terms of performance and environmental impact. By introducing water into this critical combustion area, the peak temperature within the chambers is effectively lowered. This reduction in temperature is directly linked to a decrease in the production of nitrous oxides (NOx), which are undesirable by-products of combustion reactions that occur at higher temperatures.
  • Reducing Nitrous Oxides (NOx) Emissions: The introduction of water into the ignition chambers is an ingenious approach to mitigate the production of NOx. NOx compounds are notorious for their environmental impact and contribution to air pollution. They are formed at higher combustion temperatures, where nitrogen and oxygen in the air react. By lowering the peak temperature in the chambers through water injection, NOx emissions are significantly reduced. This leads to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly combustion process.
  • To effectively control and protect the water injection system, a sophisticated control system known as the Speedtronic system comes into play. The Speedtronic system is responsible for managing various aspects of turbine operation, including the water injection process.
  • Generating Position Reference Signal: Within the Speedtronic system, a Flow Reference (FLO REF) signal is generated. This signal serves as a reference point for controlling the water injection process.
  • Integration with Flow Feedback (FFB) Signal: To ensure precise control, the FLO REF signal is not used in isolation. Instead, it is meticulously summed and integrated with a Flow Feedback (FFB) signal. This integration process allows for a more comprehensive and accurate control mechanism.
  • Control of Water Servo Valve: The ultimate outcome of these signal processing steps is the generation of a Position Reference Signal (Pos REF). This Position Reference Signal plays a pivotal role in controlling the water injection process. Much like the way Voltage Control Error (VCE) controls the fuel servo valves through SSVF and SSVG cards, the Position Reference Signal governs the operation of the water servo valve.

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What is IC3600SSVA1?
It is an Servo Control Card developed by GE

Why is water injection into turbine ignition chambers beneficial?
Water injection lowers the peak temperature in the chambers, reducing the production of nitrous oxides (NOx), which are harmful by-products of high-temperature combustion.

What are nitrous oxides (NOx), and why are they concerning for the environment?
NOx compounds are pollutants that contribute to air pollution and environmental damage. They are formed during combustion at high temperatures, making their reduction a priority for cleaner combustion processes.

What system is responsible for managing water injection in turbines?
The Speedtronic system is a sophisticated control system designed to regulate and protect the water injection process in turbines.