IC3600SLEH1 - Logic Element Card

IC3600SLEH1 - Logic Element Card IC3600SLEH1 - Logic Element Card

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Part No: IC3600SLEH1
Manufacturer: General Electric
Function: Logic Element Card
Series: Mark I and II
Repair: 3-7 Day
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacturer: United States (USA)

Functional Description

IC3600SLEH1 is an overspeed test board developed by GE. It is a part of Mark I and II control system. It combines 'OR' logic elements and 'AND' gates to generate outputs based on the inputs it receives. It also includes provisions for integration with external annunciators and offers high-level signal compatibility, enabling the use of expander gates directly on the standard inputs. The presence of three such circuits on each SLEH card provides versatility and flexibility in control and signal processing applications.


  • The basic SLEH circuit comprises fundamental components, including an 'OR' logic element controlled by two 'AND' gates. In this configuration, if either 'AND' gate receives all '1' inputs, the output (OUT) becomes '1'. Furthermore, there's an OR-E expander input designed for integration with the LLXA.
  • Each card houses three of these circuits, each serving as a relay or driver output. The relay driver component is responsible for creating an electrical connection to a common terminal when the output (OUT) signal is '1'. Importantly, these circuits are designed to receive high-level signals, allowing for the direct utilization of expander gates on the standard inputs.

Key Components:

  • Logic Element: The core of the circuit is the 'OR' logic element, which is used to process signals and produce a logical 'OR' output based on the inputs.
  • Multi Switch: The operation of the circuit might involve multi-switch functionality, enabling different signal paths or logic states based on various switch configurations.
  • 51 Pin: The 51-pin configuration likely refers to the type of connector or interface used in the circuit for input and output connections.

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What is IC3600SLEH1?
It is an Logic Element Card developed by GE

How does component handle input signals?
It utilizes OR logic elements and AND gates, generating an output of 1 if either AND gate receives all 1 inputs.

Can it work with external annunciators?
Yes, it includes provisions for integration with external annunciators.

What types of signals does the board support?
It is compatible with high-level signals, allowing for direct use of expander gates on standard inputs, making it versatile for various signal processing needs.

How many circuits are available on each SLEH card?
Each card includes three circuits, with each circuit serving as a relay or driver output. The relay driver component is crucial for making electrical connections when the output signal (OUT) is 1.