IC3600SIXK1C - Power Sensor Card

IC3600SIXK1C - Power Sensor Card IC3600SIXK1C - Power Sensor Card

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Part Number: IC3600SIXK1C
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Availability: In Stock
Product Type: Power Sensor Card

IC3600SIXK1C is a power sensor card is utilized in the 125V ground detection circuit of the Speedtronic Mark IV control panel. The power distribution module, [PDM], fuses the bus and feeds it to relay module #1, [RELAY1]. Since the 1960s, GE Speedtronic devices have improved the reliability of gas and steam industrial systems. The Mark IV, on the other hand, featured a groundbreaking design that included three distinct controllers, each with its own CPU. Because it can function even if one of the controllers fails, this design reduces downtime and boosts efficiency. Because of its two-out-of-three voting method, the Mark IV can stay operational as long as two of its controllers can 'vote' on which data to use.

  • The system will continue to work even if one of the three controllers fails. The SIXK card reduces the 125VDC and 28VDC buses to 8V, which is monitored in [C] for correct level and grounding.
  • With respect to the ground, a SIXK card divides the bus into +62.5VDC and -62.5VDC segments, and a voltage divider lowers the voltage to 5.09VDC.
  • Both channels are supplied to input amplifiers on the Communicator's HAFA card, [C], and subsequently to the HAIC card for analog to digital conversion.

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What is GE Mark IV IC3600SIXK1C?

The power sensor card is used in the Speedtronic Mark IV control panel's 125V ground detection circuit.

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