IC3600SFPB1B - Analog Multi-Card

IC3600SFPB1B - Analog Multi-Card IC3600SFPB1B - Analog Multi-Card

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Part No: IC3600SFPB1B
Manufacturer: General Electric Fanuc
Product Type: Generator Drive Circuit Board
Series: Mark I & II
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: USA

IC3600SFPB1B is a Generator Drive Circuit Board developed by GE Fanuc. Designed, adjusted, and deployed into use by General Electric for their industrial gas turbines, ranging from the 400-megawatt power source to individual module turbines with 4000 horsepower generators. The Speedtronic line of circuit boards was initially created in 1968, and after being installed in a turbine in Long Island, New York, it underwent its initial testing. Since then, Speedtronic modules have advanced significantly. By the 1970s, over 118 gas turbines on the east coast alone were equipped with them, and 300 Speedtronic circuit boards could produce up to 500,000 hours of power.

  • The Alternating Current Input Module is designated as having various different purposes for any and all GE gas turbines, such as managing fuel levels and controlling air and pollutants.
  • The Speedtronic system's circuit boards can also run the primary and tertiary power systems required for starting, shutting down, and cooling the turbine. The IC3600SFPB1B AC input module may also equalize and sync the voltage power between the generator and the turbine's system. The IC3600SFPB1B type can monitor all gauges and levels, keeping a record of any damages and protecting against unsafe or unpleasant operating circumstances.
  • The component, which was designed and manufactured by General Electric, is available for purchase from WOC, which restores and reconstructs objects that are no longer manufactured or produced, or are considered obsolete—but are still completely functioning and meet industrial norms and requirements.
  • We can offer you a warranty deal to cover any general wear and tear your product may experience, and we have an exchange program for any older or broken materials you may have, which gives you a discount on your price quoting and allows us to remove old or irreparable inventory from the market.
  • World of Controls has the most comprehensive catalog of GE Speedtronic Mark I & II control components. Our professionals are standing by to help you with your Mark I & II needs. If you require any additional information, please contact WOC immediately.


What is IC3600SFPB1B?
IC3600SFPB1B is a Generator Drive Circuit Board developed by General Electric Fanuc.

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