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IC3600LRDD1 - GE Fanuc Relay Driver Board IC 3600

IC3600LRDD1 - GE Fanuc Relay Driver Board IC 3600 IC3600LRDD1 - GE Fanuc Relay Driver Board IC 3600

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Part Number: IC3600LRDD1
Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
Series: Mark I & II
Function: Relay Driver Board

IC3600LRDD1 is a Relay Driver Board manufactured by GE Fanuc in the series of Mark I & II used in gas turbine control systems. These two Mark I & II series was the first of GE Speedtronic steam and gas turbine management systems to be released. Both systems were created by GE to be adaptable and scalable, and they've been used all over the world for decades to power everything from single-unit remote field stations to marine drives, compressor drives in chemical and industrial processes, and full power plant configurations with 400 Mw combined cycle ratings. There are 16 transistors in the IC3600LRDD1 Relay driver board.

  • Two parallel lines, each with eight transistors, link these components to the circuit board. Each transistor line is identified as a distinct component, with one designated Q1 and Q2. A similar indicator can be found on the board's line of eight polyester vinyl capacitors, all labeled "C1."
  • Two (2)aluminum electrolytic capacitors designated C1 and C2 are also found on the board. There are multiple lines of carbon composite resistors on the board, each with eight resistors. Each line is identified as a separate component. Only R1, R3, R5, and R7 are visible on the board.

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What is GE Fanuc IC3600LRDD1?

The IC3600LRDD1 is a Relay Driver Board designed by GE Fanuc used in the Mark I & II series.

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