IC3600LIBB1B - General Electric Input Buffer Card

IC3600LIBB1B - General Electric Input Buffer Card IC3600LIBB1B - General Electric Input Buffer Card

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Part No.: IC3600LIBB1B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Input Buffer Board
Series: Mark I & II

The input buffer board IC3600LIBB1B was developed by GE under the FANUC brand. These two steam and gas turbine management series are part of General Electric's Speedtronic control systems, which were first introduced in the 1960s. While the Speedtronic line has evolved since then, with the addition of the Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VI, and Mark VIe, the original Mark I and Mark II are still in use in many locations around the world, thanks to GE's initial focus on creating a reliable, long-lasting, and adaptable system for the management of their heavy-duty turbines.

  • It has the board's unique ID number, as well as the numbers 002/03, 006/03, 003/02, and 68A988162. There are eighteen transistors in the IC3600LIBB1B. These are arranged in two rows of nine on the board.
  • It's worth noticing that each line is labeled as a single component, and the board just has the letters "Q1" and "Q2" on it. There are ten capacitors on the PCB. There are nine aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a capacitance of 25v 5 f and one polyester vinyl capacitor with the marking 708D1 +/- 10% M/e.
  • The polyester vinyl capacitor is labeled "C2," whereas the other nine are labeled "C1." Multiple lines of resistors are handled the same, with multiple resistors carrying the same designator.
  • The board and the Speedtronic system connect via fifty-one pins on one long side of the board. A backplane is formed by these pins.
  • Before shipping, our staff will cover the board with a static-reducing coating. Before you begin installing your product, we recommend reading any original manufacturer materials such as manuals or datasheets.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IC3600LIBB1B?
IC3600LIBB1B was developed by GE under the FANUC brand as an input buffer board.

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