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Part No.: IC3600LGXA1
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Gate Expander Module
Series: Mark I & II

IC3600LGXA1 is a Gate Expander Module developed by GE under Mark I and Mark II lines. General Electric's Speedtronic series for gas and steam turbine management was the first to be developed and released and has been in use for decades. They were eventually replaced by the Mark IV through the Mark VIe, which improved and built upon the original systems' capabilities. Hundreds of these early systems are still in use throughout the world today, thanks to the basic durability and functionality built into the Mark I and Mark II, which can adapt and scale to the needs of both large and small turbine systems used in a number of sectors and locations.

  • The IC3600LGXA1 is made up of a small number of components. Several places on the board are marked. The codes 006/01, 003/01, 03E4, and 68A989018, as well as the GE logo, the notation "ADS," and the board number, are all stamped on the board. On one edge, it is also numbered.
  • On the surface of the board, there are two lines of diodes. On the board's surface, there are a total of 36 diodes. CR1, CR2, CR3, or CR4 are the designations for all diodes. There are also nine through-hole wires labeled "6" on the board that do not carry any components.
  • A line of fifty-one metal pins runs the length of the board, allowing it to communicate with the control panel. This is accomplished by the use of wires connected to the pins.
  • Before you begin installing your new part, examine OEM literature such as manuals and datasheets for safety guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IC3600LGXA1?
IC3600LGXA1 is a Gate Expander Module developed by GE under Mark I and Mark II line.

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