IC3600KVSA1 - Zero Speed Relay Board

IC3600KVSA1 - Zero Speed Relay Board IC3600KVSA1 - Zero Speed Relay Board

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Part No.: IC3600KVSA1
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Zero Speed Relay Board
Series: Mark I & II

GE Developed IC3600KVSA1 as Zero Speed Relay Board under Mark I or II series. General Electric's Speedtronic turbine management systems, Mark I and Mark II, are both available. They were designed to serve five main purposes. These functions include limiting the turbine maximum output to within the unit's capability, protecting the turbine in the case of a non-recoverable system failure inside the system, and controlling the turbine output power over its load range. For a startup, the turbine control settings and auxiliaries must be sequenced. Failures in the gas turbine, its auxiliaries, and the control system are monitored and reported.

  • The IC3600KVSA1 is designed with a single-reed relay in the middle. Reed relays are fast, tiny, and lightweight devices that employ an electromagnet to control a reed switch. This is a GE reed relay with the following specifications: Coil 28 VDC, Cont. 50 VA, NP 68A99729P2.
  • On the upper surface of the relay, there is a relay schematic. Multiple wires connect the relay to the line of pins on one edge of the board. There is only one trim potentiometer on the board.
  • On its surface are five transistors of two sorts. Each transistor is clearly labeled. Carbon composite resistors and ceramic and aluminum electrolytic capacitors are used on the board. The diodes are labeled. On the board, there is only one integrated circuit. A single line of metal pins is attached to one side of the card. These pins will be linked into the Speedtronic system as a communication device.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IC3600KVSA1?
IC3600KVSA1 is a Zero Speed Relay Board under Mark I or II series.

What are the main functions of IC3600KVSA1?
The board's key functions include: (i) safeguarding the turbine in the case of a system failure that is not recoverable, (ii) Controlling the output power of the turbine over its load range
(iii) Limiting the maximum output of the turbine to the unit's capabilities, (iv) Monitoring and reporting problems with the gas turbine, its auxiliaries, and the control system, among other things.

How to Obtain IC3600KVSA1?
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