IC3600EPSC1 - Inverter Driver Control Card

IC3600EPSC1 - Inverter Driver Control Card IC3600EPSC1 - Inverter Driver Control Card

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Part No.: IC3600EPSC1

Manufacturer: General Electric

Product Type: Inverter Drive Control Card

Series: Mark II

IC3600EPSC1 is an Inverter Drive Control Card and is part of the GE Speedtronic Mark II series used in gas turbine control systems. The Power supply for the EPSD and EPSB cards. The control card EPSC in conjunction with transistors QB2 and QB3 provides voltage pulse to the primary winding of the transformer. QB1, QB2, and QB3 are not single transistors but in reality, they represent banks of transistors. Three huge orange PCB mount electrolytic capacitors and four small yellow polypropylene capacitors make up the IC3600EPSC1. These capacitors provide a variety of electrical fields that store energy for the circuit board. The control card includes one dark blue variable resistor also known as a potentiometer, which is a resistor that the worker may control.

  • There are fourteen dark red resistors on the IC3600EPSC1, nine-light blue resistors, six huge black resistors, and eight large dark brown resistors on the card. Even though the sizes of these resistors vary, they all serve the identical objective of reducing energy flow.
  • These resistors can only restrict a certain amount of energy, which is indicated by the marks on each one. A huge circular black transistor and seven little circular transistors make up the card. Electrical power or electronic signals are modified or amplified by these transistors.
  • The male terminal ports on the card are twenty-five metal prongs. Other circuit boards can be connected using these male terminal ports. They are oriented both horizontally and vertically.

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What is Mark II IC3600EPSC1?

IC3600EPSC1 is an Inverter Driver Control Card that provides Power supply for the EPSD and EPSB cards.

Does the IC3600EPSC1 have a Warranty?

WOC can also supply UNUSED and REBUILT boards backed up with a warranty of up to 24 months.

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