IC3600EPSA1B1B - Voltage Regulator Circuit Board

IC3600EPSA1B1B - Voltage Regulator Circuit Board IC3600EPSA1B1B - Voltage Regulator Circuit Board

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Part No: IC3600EPSA1B1B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Voltage Regulator Circuit Board
Series: Mark II
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 2.90 lbs
Dimensions: 19.00 x 12.50 x 3.50
Country of Origin: USA


IC3600EPSA1B1B is a Voltage Regulator Circuit Board manufactured and designed by General Electric is part of the Mark I & II Series used in gas turbine control systems. A Voltage Regulator Circuit Board, often referred to simply as a voltage regulator board or module, is an electronic component used to maintain a stable and constant voltage output from a varying input voltage. It is commonly used to power sensitive electronic devices that require a specific voltage level to function correctly. The voltage regulator circuit board typically consists of a voltage regulation integrated circuit (IC), supporting passive components such as capacitors and resistors, and sometimes additional protection circuitry. The IC is the heart of the voltage regulator, and it is responsible for adjusting the output voltage to a fixed or adjustable level, regardless of changes in the input voltage or current. Voltage regulator boards come in various types and configurations, including:

Fixed Voltage Regulators: These provide a specific, predetermined output voltage (e.g., 5V or 12V) and cannot be adjusted.

Adjustable Voltage Regulators: These allow you to set the desired output voltage within a specified range using external resistors.

Switching Voltage Regulators: Unlike linear regulators, these use switching techniques to achieve higher efficiency, making them suitable for applications where heat dissipation is a concern.

Low Dropout Regulators (LDO): These are designed to operate with a minimal dropout voltage, meaning they can regulate the output voltage even when the input voltage is only slightly higher than the desired output voltage.

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What is a Voltage Regulator Circuit Board, and what does it do?

A Voltage Regulator Circuit Board is an electronic component that regulates the output voltage to a stable and constant level, regardless of changes in the input voltage or current. It ensures that sensitive electronic devices receive the correct and steady voltage they require to function properly.

What are the different types of Voltage Regulator Circuit Boards?

There are several types of voltage regulator boards, including fixed voltage regulators, adjustable voltage regulators, switching voltage regulators, and low dropout regulators (LDO). Each type serves different purposes and has unique characteristics.

Can I use a voltage regulator board for both AC and DC voltage regulation?

Most voltage regulator boards are designed for DC voltage regulation. If you need to regulate AC voltage, you would typically use a different type of device, like an AC voltage regulator or transformer.