IC3600AOAC1 - GE Dual Amplifier Control Board

IC3600AOAC1 - GE Dual Amplifier Control Board IC3600AOAC1 - GE Dual Amplifier Control Board

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Part Number: IC3600AOAC1
Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
Series: Mark I & II
Function: Control Board

IC3600AOAC1 is a Dual Amplifier Control Board and is part of the GE Fanuc Mark I & I series used in the gas turbine control system. These first two Speedtronic systems have been used in a wide range of temperatures, from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius. Both have gained millions of running hours in successful applications such as maritime, pipeline, utility, process, and mixed cycles. These systems were designed to last a long time and be dependable. There are three trim potentiometers on the IC3600AOAC1. It's made up of nine transistors. The first two transistors are divided into two portions and labeled Q1A/Q1B and Q2A/Q2B, respectively. On this board, four different types of transistors are used. Heat sinks are installed on two transistors.

  • The code 006/02 and the board's unique board number are stamped on the board's edge. One of the edges is numbered. Near one corner, the board is labeled "ADS." 003/02 and 68A989592 are written on the back of the board.
  • Aluminum electrolytic capacitors and polyester vinyl capacitors are used in the Dual Amplifier Control Board. On the board, there are six big carbon composite resistors in two lines.

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What is GE Fanuc IC3600AOAC1?

IC3600AOAC1 is a Dual Amplifier Control Board part of the Mark I and II Series.

What are the Parts used in amplifiers?

Biasing Circuit, Input Capacitor, Base Current, Collector Current, and Emitter Current.

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