IC3600AMLG1A - Analog Multi-Card

IC3600AMLG1A - Analog Multi-Card IC3600AMLG1A - Analog Multi-Card

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Part No: IC3600AMLG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric Fanuc
Product Type: Logic Expander Circuit Board
Series: Mark I & II
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States(USA)

IC3600AMLG1A is an Analog Multi-Card developed by GE under Mark I or II series. It is developed by General Electric under FANUC. GE's first Speedtronic series for steam and gas turbine management was the Mark I. Both systems are capable of controlling turbines with outputs ranging from 4000 hp (single unit) to 400 Mw (multiple units) (combined cycle rating.) These systems work in temperatures ranging from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius.

IC3600AMLG1A Features

  • The analog multi-card is a more compact PCB. It has a short side of four inches and a long side of six inches. On the surface of the board, there are only a few components.
  • The code "277A3676" is also written on the reverse surface. One of the edges has a number.
  • An Elec-troll R6523-2 Relay is located in the center of the IC3600AMLG1A. This is a black square relay. There is one huge polyester vinyl capacitor on the board. The markings are 8911 708A1 M/C 100V 10.0 +/- 10%. There are two ceramic capacitors on the board.
  • On the surface of the board, there are five metal film resistors and one diode. R29 through R32, as well as R35, are the resistor numbers. One long edge of the board has fifty-one pins. These pins serve as a backplane, allowing wiring to wrap around the right-angled edges of the pins to link the multi-board to the Speedtronic system.

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What is Mark II IC3600AMLG1A?

It is an Analog Multi-Card developed by General Electric Fanuc under the Mark II series.

What is the dimension of Analog Multi-Card?

DS3800XCIA is four inches on its short side by six inches on its long side

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