IC3600AFRA1A1A - Ground Fault Relay Board

IC3600AFRA1A1A - Ground Fault Relay Board IC3600AFRA1A1A - Ground Fault Relay Board

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Part No.: IC3600AFRA1A1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Ground Fault Relay Board
Series: Mark I and II

The IC3600AFRA1A1A is a Ground Fault Relay module created by General Electric. This component is from GE's Mark I or Mark II family of gas and steam turbine controllers, which were created in the 1960s and 1970s. Both systems can work at temperatures as low as -50°C and in a wide range of environments, from offshore to remote pipeline stations.

  • The Mark I and Mark II are designed to control turbines, limit system output to the unit's capabilities, sequence control parameters during startup, provide a protective shutdown in the event of a non-recoverable system failure and monitor and annunciate malfunctions in the control system and turbine auxiliaries.
  • The module consists of two integrated circuits and four transistors. Both circuits are quad comparators with low power consumption and low offset voltage.
  • There are four light-emitting diodes and CR1 through CR4 are the LED labels. There are thirty-two jumper switches and each of these jumpers gives end users a choice of two ways to complete each circuit.
  • The board have one right-angled male connector and 218A4637P2 is the number assigned to it. There are twenty-five metal pins on the board's opposite edge. The board is numbered in tens from ten to fifty under the pins. Individual pins are used to link the board to the Mark I/II frame's wiring.
  • On the surface of the module, there are four relays. Polyester vinyl capacitors and capacitors of different materials are used to construct the board. There are multiple rows of resistors and diodes on the board. GE supplied technical support in the form of manuals and datasheets.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IC3600AFRA1A1A?
The IC3600AFRA1A1A is a Ground Fault Relay module developed by General Electric.

How to Obtain IC3600AFRA1A1A?
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