V813J1PDB - GE LCI Component

V813J1PDB - GE LCI Component V813J1PDB - GE LCI Component

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Part Number: V813J1PDB
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: LCI
Function: Multiply Board
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)

V813J1PDB is a GE LCI Component. It is a part of LCI series. For more consistent management, the Mark IV, which was designed for gas/steam turbine control, can automate procedures such as shutdown and cool down. It can also assist in keeping the turbine system operating within safe parameters.

V813J1PDB Features

  • All four corners are pre-drilled.
  • Extractor clips are installed in both of the right-hand corners. Extractor clips aid in the insertion and extraction of the PCB by providing a handle for the technician to grasp, saving delicate circuitry. The extractor can also be used to force the PCB out.
  • It is equipped with four nylon clips to support the optional auxiliary board. If the auxiliary is installed, twenty-eight metal pins are installed to keep it in place.
  • It has a single amber LED labeled "Imok."
  • It contains 13 test points.
  • It has a single transistor.
  • It has a single Augat connector with 28 pins (female.)
  • It is equipped with four rotary potentiometers.
  • There are four jumper switches on it.
  • There is only one PCB reinforcement bar. This is placed along the board's top edge.
  • It is aligned and labeled '6BA03' and 'NGMA 6DA02.'
  • It is made up of five integrated circuits.
  • It has one connector to communicate with other PCBs (located along the left edge). This is an A/mp 102041-1 218A4553-1 connector.

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What is V813J1PDB?
V813J1PDB is a Multiply Board manufactured by General Electric

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