SS1152 - Heater Strip 240 VAC

SS1152 - Heater Strip 240 VAC
SS1152 - Heater Strip 240 VAC

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Part No.: SS1152
Manufacturer: CaloriTech
Product Type: Strip Heater
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States (USA)

SS1152 is a Strip Heater developed by CaloriTech under the EX2100 series. It is a heating source that is commonly used in several applications such as surface heating, process air heating, dropping resistors for line applications, winterizing, and so on. The component is constructed with mainly selected, high-grade materials, such as high-temperature alloy resistance wire and corrosion-resistant aluminized steel sheath (appropriate for maximum sheath temperature up to 1000°F) or corrosion-resistant stainless steel sheath (suited for maximum sheath temperature up to 1200°F). The controlled coil procedure and placement ensure uniform heat distribution across the heater's active area. To create a heavy-duty heating unit, a specific refractory material with outstanding heat transfer characteristics, exceptional insulation capabilities, and robust vibration resistance is used.


  • The entire heating assembly is compressed under high pressure and wrapped in a stainless steel sheath. The sheath provides additional corrosion protection as well as an attractive appearance. Strip heaters made of stainless steel are appropriate for applications where the maximum sheath temperature does not exceed 1200°F.
  • Secondary insulators must be employed whenever the voltage to earth reaches 300V.
  • For reduced wattage, all strip heaters can be operated at voltages lower than those stated.

SS1152 Configurations

  • Wattage: 250
  • Voltage: 240
  • Sheath: Aluminized Steel
  • Watt Density: 8.5
  • Dim. A: 11 3/4
  • Dim. B: 10 3/4


  • Weight: 0.80 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12.00 x 1.75 x 1.25
  • Off-set terminals – One end

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What is SS1152?

SS1152 is a Strip Heater developed for the EX2100 control system.

How to Obtain SS1152?

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