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IC3600SVZA1C - voltage regulator card

IC3600SVZA1C - voltage regulator card IC3600SVZA1C - voltage regulator card

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Part Number: IC3600SVZA1C
Manufacturer: General Electric Fanuc
Series: Mark I & II
Function: Voltage Regulator Card

The IC3600SVZA1C voltage regulator card (12-28V) was designed by General Electric. Voltage regulators are electronic devices that maintain a consistent output voltage regardless of load or input voltage. The IC3600SVZA1C is a printed circuit board(PCB), like other voltage regulator cards.

  • A single black transformer is the most significant indication of the board. This transformer is rectangular in shape and large in size. The number is inscribed in white on the transformer's top. The transformer takes up a lot of space on the board. It contains five large capacitors. The bulk of these capacitors have a red terminal and are silver in color. The board contains a few additional capacitors. Some of these capacitors are smaller. There are two potentiometers on the card.
  • Both of these potentiometers contain a little dial that can be used to adjust the device's resistance level. Near the potentiometers is one silver integrated circuit made of metal. The part number for this integrated circuit is 7341P20. This number is inscribed in black letters on the surface of the integrated circuit. On the board, there are a number of additional resistors.
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What is IC3600SVZA1C?

The IC3600SVZA1C is a voltage regulator card developed by general electric.


How long does it take for a WOC IC3600SVZA1C to Ship?

WOC maintains a large inventory and can fulfill many orders on the same day. Please contact us for additional information.