IC3600SHPB1B - Single Shaft Auxiliary Card

IC3600SHPB1B - Single Shaft Auxiliary Card IC3600SHPB1B - Single Shaft Auxiliary Card

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Part No.: IC3600SHPB1B
Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
Product Type: Single Shaft Auxiliary Card
Series: Mark I & II
Availability: In Stock

General Electronics produced the IC3600SHPB1B Single Shaft Auxiliary Card, which is utilized in the Speedtronic Mark I and Mark II series. While GE no longer supports the Mark I or the Mark II, and both systems are regarded as technologically obsolete, they have never gone out of usage in the more than four decades after their introduction, and they are still in use at a number of places today. The card contains numerous circuits that are used in the speed control loop as well as other electronics. The SHPB card includes a cross-coupling network that allows the speed feedback signal from two magnet pick-up heads to be merged so that the feedback signal is not lost if one of the sensors fails. Each sensor comes with both short and open detectors.

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What is Mark I & II IC3600SHPB1B?

The IC3600SHPB1B is a Single Shaft Auxiliary Card used in the series of Mark I and II.

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