IC3600SFPB1B1C - Generator Drive Circuit Board

IC3600SFPB1B1C - Generator Drive Circuit Board IC3600SFPB1B1C - Generator Drive Circuit Board

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Part No: IC3600SFPB1B1C
Manufacturer: General Electric
Function: Generator Drive Circuit Board
Series: Mark I and II
Repair: 3-7 Day
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacturer: United States (USA)

Functional Description

IC3600SFPB1B1C is an overspeed test board developed by GE. It is a part of Mark I and II control system. The card plays a pivotal role in speed control, providing options for either permanent or switchable resistor network connections, and the card facilitates the reprogramming of the acceleration rate. Proper adjustment of FSNL and the droop mode setting is crucial for achieving the desired system performance.

Resistor Network for Droop Mode

  • The primary function of the card is to provide the essential resistor network required for operating the system in what is known as "droop mode." In droop mode, the speed control system is designed to maintain a consistent speed by adjusting the power supplied to the load based on the load demand. The resistor network plays a key role in this operation.
  • Permanent Connection (Output SJA): The resistor network can be connected in a way that it is always a part of the circuit. This configuration is typically used when a constant droop mode operation is desired. In such cases, Output SJA is employed.
  • Switchable Connection (SJB): Alternatively, the resistor network can be designed to be switchable, allowing it to be engaged or disengaged as needed. This functionality is useful when flexibility in operating modes is required. SJB is used for this purpose.
  • ISOC Requirement: When the switchable configuration (SJB) is utilized, it's essential to ensure that ISOC is set to "1" to activate the network. This condition ensures that the resistor network is engaged when needed.

Reprogramming Acceleration Rate

  • In addition to its role in droop mode control, the SFPB card, which is likely related to the card, provides an additional function. It supplies a signal that can be used to reprogram the acceleration rate of the system, where applicable.
  • FSA Signal: To initiate this reprogramming of the acceleration rate, a binary input of '10' (a '1' followed by a '0') should be applied to the FSA (Fixed Speed Adjustment) signal. This action results in a fixed bias output from ARA (Acceleration Rate Adjustment), allowing for customization of the acceleration characteristics of the system.

Adjustment Settings

  • FSNL (Fixed Speed Network Level): The FSNL setting should be adjusted to "R207," which likely represents a specific resistance value, to ensure the proper operation of the speed control system.
  • Droop Mode: The "DROOP" setting is indicated as "R204," which might represent another specific resistance value or parameter relevant to the droop mode operation. This setting ensures that the system operates in the desired droop mode configuration.

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What is IC3600SFPB1B1C?
It is an Generator Drive Circuit Board developed by GE

What is the main function of the resistor network?
The resistor network is essential for operating the system in droop mode, which helps maintain a consistent speed by adjusting power based on load demand.

How can the resistor network be configured?
The network can be either permanently connected (Output SJA) or switchable (SJB) to offer flexibility in operating modes.

What is the role of ISOC when using SJB for the resistor network?
It must be set to 1 when using SJB to activate the network, ensuring it's engaged when needed.