IC3600SCBD4A - Script Component Board

IC3600SCBD4A - Script Component Board IC3600SCBD4A - Script Component Board

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Part Number: IC3600SCBD4A
Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)
Availability: In Stock
Product Type: Script Component Board (SCB)

IC3600SCBD4A is a Script Component Board manufactured by GE Fanuc in the series of Mark II used in gas turbine control systems. Two separate components make up the board. A rectangular printed circuit board serves as the main component of this board (PCB). The right edge of the printed circuit board is covered by a long row of substantial metal prongs. The circuit board is connected to the rest of the Mark system with the use of these prongs. On the circuit board, a few medium-sized resistors may be spotted.

System Application

  • The Control system is designed to reduce machine shutdowns caused by control system faults. As a result, a high level of redundancy has been used to improve running reliability. In general, the failure of one of the redundant systems will result in an announcement, but the unit will continue to operate.
  • Furthermore, in situations where full redundancy is not feasible, one functional system serves as a backup for others. For example, if the speed control fails, the temperature control will take over the operation of the turbine. The control's primary purpose in design has been to sustain turbine operation in the face of control failures, understanding that process interruption and shutdowns can be costly.
  • The essential notion in turbine control is that of a speed governor, which orders the fuel control to deliver proper fuel flow to the turbine. The speed control is implemented using a minimum value gate and inputs from the temperature limit and the startup schedule so that the gate's output is the speed.

IC3600SCBD4A System Features

  • A number of features are built into the Speedtronic control to help the gas turbine and/or the operator. The "Minimum VCE System" is one of these, which occurs on the unit of minimum fuel during cutback to avoid flame-out. Another feature is the "Manual VCE" control, which allows the initial start-up man or any troubleshooter to take control of VCE, and thus fuel, to completely control the turbine's start-up or loading. Because this control is activated via the minimum value gate, other parameters such as speed and temperature can still be reduced to protect the turbine.
  • Control mode indicating lights are electrically located in each of the major input circuits, including the acceleration loop, and physically on the front of the panel, with remote indication provisions. Thus, the operator can see when the unit is on start-up control, when the suppressed temperature takes over when the acceleration control becomes active, and when the unit switches to speed governor, whether locally or remotely. After that, when he has fully loaded the gas turbine (manually or automatically at his discretion), the red temperature light will illuminate, indicating that he is at full power for that particular ambient.
  • The governor raise circuit is linked to the temperature loop in such a way that when the unit reaches temperature control, the speed net-point stops increasing automatically. As a result, if the temperature control becomes disabled or is significantly impacted by a short circuit or something similar, the governor will automatically take over, a feature known as redundancy by association.

IC3600SCBD4A Characteristics

  • Height: 1 inch
  • Length: 6 inches
  • Type: PCB Circuit Board
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Width: 4 inches

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What is GE Fanuc IC3600SCBD4A?

The IC3600SCBD4A is a Script Component Board used in gas turbine control systems.

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