IC3600LRDH1A - General Electric Relay Driver Circuit Board

IC3600LRDH1A - General Electric Relay Driver Circuit Board IC3600LRDH1A - General Electric Relay Driver Circuit Board

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Part Number: IC3600LRDH1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)
Series: Mark I & II
Function: Relay Driver Board

IC3600LRDH1A is a Relay Driver Card and it's a part of Mark I & II Series. GE Fanuc released the first two Speedtronic gas or steam turbine management systems with these two systems. Both have been in use for decades to control heavy-duty gas turbine systems in a variety of configurations, ranging from single-unit 4000 hp systems used in distant pipe stations to entire power plants with combined cycle ratings of up to 400 Mw. Redundancies in control functions such as temperature control and speed are included in Mark I and Mark II.

IC3600LRDH1A Features

  • The system's overall reliability is improved by these deliberate redundancies. Only one of the edges has been numbered. 
  • Metal film resistors are used in solitary and four-line configurations, as well as numerous lines of fixed vacuum capacitors. A number of diodes are also present on the board. Prefixes are not permitted on diodes.

Monitoring System

  • The gas turbine control system is provided with a multi-point annunciator and supporting circuitry to detect and alarm abnormal conditions in the control system and turbine auxiliaries during startup and unit operation.
  • The annunciator is provided with a "first out flashing" feature, which causes the first registered fault to flash as an aid to the operator in troubleshooting.
  • The gas turbine control system is designed to allow the incorporation of special features required by the application. Typical options would include various fuel combinations, black start, remote operation, dead load pickup, and variable airflow control for exhaust treat recovery applications.
  • Standard control designs are also available for water or steam injection for limiting NO emissions. In these cases, a monitoring and recording system that shows operational compliance with EPA requirements is included as part of the control system. Many other features, such as fast start, fast load, automatic load control, black start, power augmentation, and inlet heating are available options for the turbine control system.

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What are GE Mark I & II?

The Mark I was created in 1967 and released to the public in 1969. The heavy-duty gas turbines are controlled by it. In 1973, the Mark II was released, with integrated circuits for logic and computing. It served as a combustion monitoring device.

What is Mark I & II IC3600LRDH1A?

GE FANUC IC3600LRDH1A is a Relay Driver Board.

Does the IC3600LRDH1A have a Warranty?

WOC can also supply UNUSED and REBUILT IC3600LRDH1A backed up with a warranty of 24 months.

How long does it take for a WOC IC3600LRDH1A to Ship?

WOC maintains a large inventory and can fulfill many orders on the same day. Please contact us for additional information.