IC3600EPSW1E1B - Regulator Control Board

IC3600EPSW1E1B -  Regulator Control Board IC3600EPSW1E1B -  Regulator Control Board

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Part No.: IC3600EPSW1E1B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Regulator Control Board
Series: Mark I and II

IC3600EPSW1E1B is a Speedtronic Regulator control component developed by GE. It contains eight little black half-circle transistors that convert or increase electronic impulses or electrical power. Two large brown resistors, four average light blue resistors, and twenty tiny light blue resistors make up the board. These resistors contain tiny colored bands and a capacity for the amount of energy they can limit. If an employee wants to find out the resistors' limiting capacity, they can utilize a color-coded chart that corresponds to the markings on each resistor.

  • Two blue potentiometers or variable resistors are included on the board. On the side of the Variable Resistors is a small knob that allows the worker to control the energy flow.
  • Three polypropylene capacitors and two large orange PCB mount electrolytic capacitors make up the board. These capacitors are employed to create electrical fields around themselves to store any excess energy for later usage by the circuit board. Four silver diodes, three dark red diodes, one light blue diode, two teal diodes, and twelve orange and black diodes make up the module. The diodes regulate energy flow by enabling it to only flow in one direction through them. The fifty metal masculine prongs on the module are used to connect the circuit board to the established system.
  • The board has four red auxiliary ports on its face. "VOLTS +" is written on the top port, "Volts –" is written on the second port, "ADJ+" is written on the third port, and "Current –" is written on the fourth port. The letters EPSW are also written across the bottom of the face.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IC3600EPSW1E1B?
IC3600EPSW1E1B is a Speedtronic Regulator control component developed by GE.

How to Obtain IC3600EPSW1E1B?
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