86F567L - 11000�F Capacitor

86F567L - 11000�F Capacitor 86F567L - 11000�F Capacitor

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Part No.: 86F567L
Country of Manufacture: USA
Product Type: 11000�F Capacitor
Series: Mark I or II series

86F567L is a 11000�F capacitor component.


  • Electrical capacitance: 11000�F-10+75%
  • 50 VDC 65 Surge
  • Temperature Rating: 85�C Maximum Ambient

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 86F567L?
86F567L is a 11000 microFarad capacitor component.

What is the voltage rating of the component?
The voltage rating of the component is 50VDC.

What is the temperature rating of the component?
The temperature rating of the component is 85 degrees Celsius.

How to Obtain 86F567L?
World of Controls provides the 86F567L as well as other turbine control products. Contact WOC.