2840A79G01 2840A79G01

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Part Number: 2840A79G01
Manufacturer: Westinghouse
Weight: 1.35 lbs
Availability: In Stock

2840A79G01 is a Digital Output Card and is manufactured by Westinghouse and used in the gas turbine control systems. Digital outputs are binary outputs (0 or 1) from a PLC. It is a field-processed control output from the PLC. It is used to turn any piece of field equipment ON or OFF. DO works in the same way as a relay contact, closing when preprogrammed conditions are satisfied.


  • 8 open-collector output channels with high current and automatic overload cutoff.
  • 2 digital input channels with a wide range and high voltage transient protection.
  • Up to 32 modules can be stacked on the same serial port to offer 256 outputs and 64 inputs.
  • There are two 24-bit event counter inputs.
  • Two tachometer inputs measure the rotational speed of a rotating shaft between 200 and 400,000 RPM.
  • Turn relays, solenoids, DC motors, and other devices on and off, including PWM drive-current control.
  • A delay timer is built into each output to allow for momentary on/off or off/on activation.

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What is Westinghouse 2840A79G01?

The 2840A79G01 is a Digital Output Card it has 8 open-collector output channels.

How many Modules can be Stacked on the Same Serial Port?

There are 32 modules, 256 outputs, and 64 inputs.

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