1A01EXA003 (DS303A)

1A01EXA003 (DS303A) 1A01EXA003 (DS303A)

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Part No.: 1A01EXA003 (DS303A)
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: DC Contacto
Series: EX2100e

1A01EXA003 (DS303A) is a DC contactor developed by GE for the EX2100e series of components. The EX2100e Excitation Control Regulator system is GE's most recent cutting-edge control system for new and retrofit steam, gas, or hydro generators.

  • To assure the delivery of a real system solution, GE's system and controls engineering work closely together to create control hardware and software. Excitation control systems, Turbine control systems, Static Starter Control systems, Integrated Control Systems (ICS), and the Human-Machine Interface are all seamlessly integrated (HMI). Integration with client distributed control systems (DCS) through serial or Modbus Ethernet is provided for stand-alone retrofit applications.
  • The EX2100e excitation control devices provide a regulator control system in an 800 mm (32 in a) container with appropriate accompanying gear. There are several packaging alternatives available.
  • For better service retrofit applications, the Regulator system can be purchased as part of a finished cabinet, or individual components can be sent separately for onsite mounting.

Before shipping the 1A01EXA003 (DS303A), the WOC team will carefully package it and cover it with a static-reducing sleeve. We are always available to help you with your EX2100e needs. For more information, please contact WOC.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is 1A01EXA003 (DS303A)?
1A01EXA003 (DS303A) is a DC contactor developed by GE for the EX2100e series of components.

What is the voltage and power rating of the component?
600 Amp 600V and 120VDC are the power and voltage ratings of the component.

How to Obtain 1A01EXA003 (DS303A)?
World of Controls provides IS200ESYSH1A as well as other turbine control products. Contact WOC.