133442-01 - I/O Module

133442-01 -  I/O Module 133442-01 -  I/O Module

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Part Number: 133442-01
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Series: 3500
Product Type: I/O Module with Internal Terminations
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States (USA)

133442-01 is an I/O Module with Internal Terminations developed by Bently Nevada. It is a part of the 3500/55M Tachometer system. In order to detect shaft rotational speed, rotor acceleration, or rotor direction, the Tachometer Module, a 2-channel module, accepts input from proximity probes or magnetic pickups. When the setpoints are breached, the module generates alarms and compares these data to user-programmable alarm setpoints.

133442-01 Features

  • The Tachometer Module is a two-channel module that uses proximity probes or magnetic pickups to determine shaft rotative speed, rotor acceleration, or rotor direction. When these measurements are compared against user-programmable alarm setpoints, the module generates alarms.
  • The Tachometer Module can be configured to provide conditioned Keyphasor signals to the 3500 rack's backplane for use by other monitors. As a result, there is no need for a separate Keyphasor module in the rack.
  • External Termination Blocks cannot be used with Internal Termination I/O modules and should only be used with TMR I/O modules.


  • Termination from Without Internal Termination I/O modules cannot be utilized with blocks.
  • As it lacks the protective redundancy and response speed required for dependable operation as a speed control or Overspeed protection system, the Tachometer Module should not be used alone or as a part of speed control or Overspeed protection system.

Inputs specifications


  • Each 3500/50M Tachometer Module accepts up to two transducer signals from proximity probe transducers or magnetic pickups.

Input signal range

  • +10.0 V to -24.0 V
  • Signals exceeding this range are limited internally by the module.

Input impedance

  • 20 k ohm (standard)
  • 40 k ohm (TMR)
  • 7.15 kilo ohm (Internal Barrier)

Power consumption

  • 5.8 watts, typical


  • Accepts 1 to 2 proximity transducer signals


  • Rack Space Requirements: 1 full-height rear slot
  • Dimension 16cm x 16cm x 12cm
  • Weight 0.8 kg

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What is Bently Nevada 133442-01?
133442-01 is an I/O Module with Internal Terminations developed by Bently Nevada.

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