MODHUB-16 - 16-Port Powered Card Cage (120 VAC)

MODHUB-16 - 16-Port Powered Card Cage (120 VAC) MODHUB-16 - 16-Port Powered Card Cage (120 VAC)

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Model: MODHUB-16
Product Type: Flexible ARCNET Active Hub
No of Ports: 16-Port Powered Card Cage
Series: MODHUB
Availability: In Stock

MODHUB-16 is a 16-Port Powered Card Cage and a part of the ARCNET MOD HUB Series of components. The modular active hubs in the MOD HUB Series are adaptable enough to cable ARCNET networks in either a star or bus topology. By fastening the hub at one end of each bus segment, units can link bus topologies. These 4-slot hubs use low-power, low-heat CMOS components, high-efficiency LED lighting, a unique cooling mechanism built into the design, and network diagnostic capability using LED indications to guarantee worry-free operation.

MODHUB-16 16-Port Powered Card Cage

MODHUB-16 Features

  • LEDs indicate the power supply and hub timing. Network reconfigurations are signaled by an extra LED. To satisfy any requirements, several enclosure designs are available. Two 4-slot enclosures can be placed using the rack-mounting kit in a normal 19" (48.3 cm) rack, taking up just 7" (17.8 cm) of vertical rack space. The MODHUB-16F flanged unit additionally permits wall mounting.
  • The built-in flexibility means you only need to order the right number and kind of connection for your application, which is a major benefit. The EXP Series includes a number of expansion modules, each supporting two or four ports. Coaxial cable, twisted-pair wire, and glass fiber optic cable can all coexist in a single hub. Two combination expansion modules combine two different cable types in a single module. With detachable EXP expansion modules, ports can be readily added in the field.
  • All models are CSA 22.2 No. 60950 (UL 60950 Listed) and C-UL Listed (UL 60950 Listed) for the Safety of Information Technology Equipment. A universal power supply can work with voltages and frequencies from all across the world. Country-specific power requirements can be used with an IEC connector.


  • Compatibility with the ARCNET baseband network
  • Compatibility with all network interface modules from Contemporary Controls (NIMs)
  • Up to 48 ports can be added in four-port increments.
  • Enclosures come in two sizes: 16 and 48 ports.
  • Allows for easy expansion via plug-in modules
  • One hub that combines coaxial, twisted-pair, and glass fiber optic cable.
  • Uses diagnostic LEDs to isolate network issues.
  • An LED indication indicates network reconfiguration.
  • Precision delay line timing reduces hub jitter.
  • Each port has an activity LED.
  • Rack mounting provision
  • A watchdog timer keeps the hub from locking up.
  • Digitally regulated hub unlatch delay

MODHUB-16 Characteristics

  1. Supportive of the baseband ARCNET network at 2.5 Mbps
  2. Has four slots with room for up to 16 ports.
  3. A 4-slot, one-size enclosure
  4. Provides simple expansion with plug-in modules from the EXP Series
  5.  Combines glass fiber optic cable, twisted-pair cable, and coaxial cable in one hub.
  6. LED indicator indicates network reconfiguration
  7. Precision delay-line timing reduces hub jitter;
  8. Rack-mounting accessories available
  9. Digitally regulated hub unlatch delay
  10. Watch-dog timer prevents hub lockout
  11. A power source with multiple voltages
  12. When running at 2.5 Mbps, is compatible with all current controls network interface modules (NIMs).

Product Attributes

  • Mounting Style: Rack Mount
  • Signaling: Arcnet
  • Number Of Ports:Sixteen
  • Voltage: 120 VAC

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What is ARCNET Active HUB?

ARCNET networks become more resilient when they have active hubs. On coaxial segments, they increase the maximum distance that may be traveled by each cable segment up to 2000 feet 610 m.

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