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Technical Specifications

Part Number: IS215VCMIH1B

Manufacturer: General Electric

Series: MKVI

Function: VME Controller

The IS215VCMIH1B developed by General Electric is a VCMI Bus Master Controller board manufactured for the Mark VI system. The Mark VI system was created for gas/steam turbine management. The IS215VCMIH1B is a communication interface between the controller and the Input/Output boards, as well as a communication interface to the system control network (IONet). The IS215VCMIH1B also keeps track of the IDs for all of the boards in its rack, as well as the IDs for the terminal boards that are connected to them.
  • The IS215VCMIH1B has a multi-component faceplate with a single slot. Three LED indications labeled "Run," "Fail," and "Status" are located at the top of the faceplate.
  • These are situated above a reset button and a serial port. Another set of LED indicators sits directly below the serial port, designated "Module" as a group and 8,4,2, and 1 individually.
  • Following that are three LED indications with the letters R, S, and T, as well as three LED indicators with the letters TX, RX, and CD. After that, there's an IONet 10Base2 port. Three screw connectors link the faceplate to the board.
  • Integrated circuits, transistors, capacitors, resistors, and diodes populate the IS215VCMIH1B. Near the far border of the board, there are multiple lines of inductor beads.
  • On the board surface, there are two vertical pin connectors and two backplanes, as well as conductive dot connectors. Missing components are shown in various places on the board; board modifications may utilize these components.
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Frequently Asked Questions on IS215VCMIH1B

What is a VME Controller?

VME gives you the option of being a multimaster bus. In a full 21 slot backplane, a VME system can have one, two, or up to 21 masters. Each master has the power to summon the bus and perform a data transfer.

What is a VME Device?

The read-modify-write (or RMW) cycle on the VME bus allows users to read and alter the contents of a device register or memory location in one atomic transaction.

What is the Function of the System Controller?

Using control loops, a control system manages, commands, directs, or regulates the behavior of other devices or systems. It can range from a single home heating controller that controls a domestic boiler with a thermostat to massive industrial control systems that regulate processes or machinery.