IS215ACLAH1A - Application Control Layer Module

IS215ACLAH1A - Application Control Layer Module IS215ACLAH1A - Application Control Layer Module

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Part No.: IS215ACLAH1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Exciter Communications Module
Series: EX2100
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: USA

IS215ACLAH1A is an Application Control Layer Module manufactured by General Electric.�It�is a microprocessor-based master controller used to perform multiple duties over communication networks such as ethernet and ISBus. The ACL mounts in a standard innovation series drive or EX2100 exciter board rack and occupies two half-slots. The ACL and board rack are located in the control cabinet. In drive applications, the ACL�s P1 connector ( 4-Row 128-Pin) plugs into the control assembly backplane board (CABP). In the EX2100 exciter, the ACL mounts in the Exciter backplane (EBKP).

The ACL can be ordered in two different I/O configurations as follows

  • IS215ACLAH1A module with one 10BaseT Ethernet port and two serial communication ports (COM 1 and COM 2), as used in the EX2100
  • IS215ACLAH1A module with one 10BaseT Ethernet port and two serial communication ports (COM 1 and COM 2), and two ISBus ports.


  • Control block ware language and library
  • Online application configuration loading
  • I/O points and internal booleans forcing
  • Diagnostics for a broken run/start permissive
  • Application-level alarm messages
  • Non Volatile flash memory
  • Toolbox interface and support through Ethernet

 IS215ACLAH1A Module Faceplates

Fig 1: IS215ACLAH1A Module Faceplates


  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • Peripheral Component interconnect PCI Controller
  • 128 K byte-level 2 Cache
  • 8 MB dynamic random access memory (DRAM)
  • 4 MB Flash memory basic I/O systems
  • Ethernet
  • Bus target Interface
  • Serial Ports COM1 and COM2

Bus Target Interface Connection

Fig 2: Bus Target Interface Connection

Flash memory Device

It is located on the local bus side of the bus target interface and is identified as device 1. The device is accessed in byte mode.

PCI/ISA Bridge

It�s connected to a PCI controller through the CPU address bus and the link bus and controls the following functions

  • ISA Bus Control Logic
  • IRQ and PCI interrupt routing
  • System Clock generator


BIOS identifies and initializes the hardware. During Initialization, the BIOS directs all output display information to the COM1 serial port. The BIOS also supports serial loading of the operating systems during the initial boot sequence through the COM1 port.

  • Overwrites the boot interrupt to point to GE extended BIOS
  • Displays the CMOS settings via the COM! Serial port
  • Accommodates an RS-232C download
  • Initializes any GE-specific hardware
  • Enables Flash Disk support and booting

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