IS215ACLEH1A - Application Control Layer Module

IS215ACLEH1A - Application Control Layer Module IS215ACLEH1A - Application Control Layer Module

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Part Number: IS215ACLEH1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: EX2100
Product Type: Application Control Layer Module
Number of channels: 12
Processor: 486 100MHz
Ethernet Interface: 10BaseT
Outputs: 24 V dc
Size: 15.9 cm high x 10.2 cm wide
Operating Temperature: 0 to 45
Operating System: QNX
Repair: 3-7 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Availability: In Stock
Manual: GEI-100584


IS215ACLEH1A is an Application Control Layer Module manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the EX2100 Series used in excitation control systems. The IS215ACLE Application Control Layer (ACLE) module is a master controller powered by a microprocessor that handles numerous tasks across Ethernet and other communication networks. It takes up two complete slots and attaches to all EX2100 Excitation Control racks that are standard. The IS215ACLAH1A (ACLA) module that was originally employed in EX2100 applications is completely replaced by the ACLE. In excitation applications like the Innovation Series, it does not take the position of ACLA. The ACLE is compatible with the following control racks and related backplanes in the EX2100:

  • Rack for simplex thyristor controls with an IS200ESBP backplane.
  • IS200EBKP Warm Backup Thyristor Control Rack.
  • A rack for simplex regulator controls that features an IS200ERBP backplane.
  • A redundant regulator control rack with a backplane made of IS200ERRB.

There is only one I/O configuration available for the ACLE: two 10BaseT Ethernet ports and two serial communication interfaces (COM1 and COM2). There are accessible optional hardware accessories. These products, which must be ordered separately from the ACL, include a serial cable (336A3582P1) that links a computer's COM port to an ACLE COM port.


  • The language and library of control block ware.
  • The loading of online application setup.
  • Internal Boolean forcing and I/O points.
  • Examination of malfunctioning run/starts permissive.
  • Alerts at the application level.
  • Compact flash memory that isn't volatile.
  • Toolbox support and interface through Ethernet.
IS215ACLE Module Faceplate

Fig 1: IS215ACLE Module Faceplate


The IS200ACLE carrier board and a PC/104-PlusTM microprocessor board are the two printed circuit boards that make up the ACLE module. This module is provided as an assembled whole. This module is not meant to be disassembled by the user in order to gain access to the PC/104TM board, carrier board, or dynamic random access memory separately (DRAM). The PC/104-Plus board's integrated circuits offer the following features:

  • Tualatin Celeron 400 MHz or Pentium P5 266 MHz central processor unit
  • Level 2 cache of 256 KB.
  • The DRAM of 128 MB (expandable).
  • FLASH ROM system for basic I/O (BIOS).
  • A second Ethernet port capable of 10/100 Mbps.
  • COM1 and COM2 are RS-232 serial ports.
  • Compact flash disks use the IDE interface.
  • Bus interface for PCI.
  • ISA bus interface for PC/104.

BIOS: The BIOS on the PC/104 board is a Phoenix BIOS which is the industry standard. It comes pre-programmed and doesn't require human modification. On the PC/104 board as well, the BIOS configuration settings are kept in EEROM memory.

DRAM: A single SODIMM module housed in a socket on the underside of the PC/104 board serves as the DRAM.

DPRAM: DPRAM (4k x 32 sizes) is situated on the carrier board of the local bus. Through the backplane and the 32-bit DPRAM, the ACLE connects with the IS200DSPXH1_ Digital Signal Processor board (DSPX). Hardware automatically resolves contention by delaying either the ACLE or DSPX board in a wait condition for a maximum of 100 ns if DSPX and ACLE access the same address of the DPRAM at the same time.


BIOS: The hardware is identified and initialized by the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS). This is a stock BIOS that came with the PC/104 processor board; GE did not alter it. The toolbox does not support BIOS reprogramming and thus is not typically necessary. The PC/104 processor board's BIOS configuration specifies the precise settings needed for it to operate properly in the ACLE environment. In typical applications, these parameters do not need to be altered because they are pre-programmed in EEROM.

RUNTIME CODE: The fundamental software required for ACLE to enable complete static or regulator functionality is found in Runtime Code. Using the toolbox and Ethernet port ENET1, this code is downloaded to the ACLE.

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