IS215UCVHM06A - VME Processor Control Card

IS215UCVHM06A - VME Processor Control Card IS215UCVHM06A - VME Processor Control Card

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Part No.: IS215UCVHM06A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Function: VME Processor Control Card
Operating System QNX
Operating temperature: 0 to 70oC
Storage temperature: -40 to 80oC
Product Type: Switch
Availability: In Stock
Series: Mark VI
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

IS215UCVHM06A is a VME Processor Control Card developed by GE. It is a part of Mark VI control system. It is a specialized single-slot board that plays a crucial role in control and communication within the context of a larger system. It incorporates an Intel Ultra Low Voltage CeleronTM processor running at a frequency of 1067 MHz (1.06 GHz), accompanied by 128 MB of flash memory and 1 GB of Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM). The compact design efficiently utilizes its resources to contribute to the overall functionality of the system.


  • One of the features of the UCVH is its dual Ethernet connectivity. The board is equipped with two 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet ports, each of which employs an RJ-45 connector. These Ethernet ports serve as the gateway for network communication, facilitating connectivity and data exchange within the system and beyond.
  • The first Ethernet port fulfills a pivotal role in establishing connectivity to the Universal Device Host (UDH), which is utilized for configuration and peer-to-peer communication. The UCVH leverages this port to interact with the UDH, allowing for configuration of various parameters and settings crucial to the operation of the system. Additionally, the first Ethernet port facilitates direct communication between peer devices within the network, contributing to the seamless exchange of information and collaborative operations.
  • The second Ethernet port on the UCVH operates on a distinct IP logical subnet. This separation ensures clear boundaries for communication and helps manage network traffic effectively. This Ethernet port serves multiple purposes, one of which is its adaptability for use with Modbus, a widely used communication protocol in industrial automation. Furthermore, this port can be employed for a private Ethernet Global Data (EGD) network, which enhances the security and efficiency of data transmission within specific components of the system.
  • Configuring the second Ethernet port is accomplished through the toolbox, a set of software tools that facilitates system management and customization. During the startup process, the controller validates the configuration settings established through the toolbox, ensuring that they align with the hardware capabilities and the intended network architecture. This validation process guarantees that the controller functions optimally based on the configured parameters.

Connectivity Options

  • 2 USB Ports: Enables data transfer and peripheral connections.
  • 2 Ethernet Ports: Facilitates network communication for seamless data exchange.
  • 2 COM Ports with LEDs: Supports serial communication and provides visual feedback.
  • Mouse/Keyboard Connector: Allows user input for configuration and control.
  • VGA Display Port: Provides an interface for external display devices.

Customization and Redundancy

  • A notable feature of is the adaptability. Operators have the flexibility to mix and match controllers and Input/Output redundancy configurations.
  • This customization enables the system to align precisely with the specific requirements of the application, all while effectively managing costs.

ControlST Software for Real-time Analysis

  • It leverages ControlST software, a powerful tool that empowers operators with real-time analysis and adaptability.
  • This software acts as a central hub, delivering high-quality, time-coherent data that enhances decision-making and facilitates prompt responses to dynamic plant conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS215UCVHM06A?
It is a VME Processor Control Card developed by GE

What system configurations does UCVHH1A support?
The component supports a range of system configurations, including simplex, dual, and triple-redundant setups. This adaptability ensures flexibility in meeting different operational requirements.

Can controllers and Input/Output redundancy be mixed and matched?
Yes, operators have the flexibility to mix and match controllers and Input/Output redundancy configurations. This customization option allows tailoring the system to meet specific application requirements while effectively managing costs.

How does the module support real-time analysis and adaptation?
It employs ControlST software, which delivers a single source of high-quality, time-coherent data. This software enables operators to analyze and adapt their plant operations in real-time, enhancing decision-making and responsiveness.

What is the significance of the ControlST software?
The ControlST software is a powerful tool that centralizes data analysis and adaptability. By providing a single source of high-quality, time-coherent data, it empowers operators to make informed decisions and respond effectively to dynamic plant conditions.