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Part No.: IS215UCVGH1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: VME Controller Card
Series: Mark VI

IS215UCVGH1A is a VME controller card developed by GE. The UCVG is a single-slot board with a 128 MB flash memory and 128 MB SDRAM Intel Ultra Low Voltage Celeron 650 MHz processor. Connectivity is provided by two 10BaseT/100BaseTX (RJ-45 connection) Ethernet ports. The first Ethernet port provides for configuration and peer-to-peer communication with the UDH.

The single-slot UCVG has performance comparable to the UCVE and UCVF and may be used to replace any earlier controller version without requiring a backplane upgrade.

IS215UCVGH1A - Frontplate components

  • Switch to Reset (allows the system to be reset from the front panel)
  • A monitor port.
  • RS-232C port COM1 for initial controller configuration, RS-232C port COM2 for serial communication
  • ETHERNET 1 - Primary Ethernet port for communication across the Unit Data Highway (UDH) (toolbox)
  • ETHERNET 2 - A secondary Ethernet port for I/O communication expansion.
  • LED indicators of status
    • B is for booting. The BIOS is now booting up (red)
    • I: There is IDE activity going on. (yellow)
    • P: There is a lot of power here. (green)
    • R: Reset the board. (red)
  • LEDs for Ethernet Status
    • Active (Blinking = Active) (Solid = Inactive)
    • Link (Yellow = 10BaseT) (Green = 100BaseTX)
    • Active (Blinking = Active) (Solid = Inactive)
    • Link (Yellow = 10BaseT) (Green = 100BaseTX)
  • A keyboard/mouse port.
  • There are two USB connectors in total.

IS215UCVGH1A - Features


Intel Ultra Low Voltage Celeron 650 MHz


  • 128 MB SDRAM
  • 128 MB Compact Flash Module
  • 256 KB Advanced Transfer Cache

Operating System



Control block programming language with analog and discrete blocks; Boolean logic expressed as a relay ladder diagram.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS215UCVGH1A?
IS215UCVGH1A is a VME controller card developed by GE.

What is the operating temperature of the component?
0 to 70 degrees Celsius is the operating temperature.

Which battery type can be used in the module?
Type 1 Lithium batteries can be used in the UCVG.

What is the storage temperature of the module?
The storage temperature of the module ranges from 40 to 80 degrees celsius.

How to Obtain IS215UCVGH1A?
World of Controls provides IS215UCVGH1A as well as other turbine control products. Contact WOC.