IS215UCVCH1A - Controller Board

IS215UCVCH1A - Controller Board IS215UCVCH1A - Controller Board

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Part Number: IS215UCVCH1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VIe
Number of trip solenoids: 3
Memory: 16 MB DRAM
Operating system: QNX
Microprocessor: Intel Pentium 133 MHz
Trip Solenoid Rating: 125 V dc
Programming: Boolean
Ethernet interface: Thinwire 10Base2
ISBus interface: Twisted pair RJ-45
Power requirements: +5 V dc
Product Type: Controller Board
Common Mode Voltage Range: ±5 V
Dimensions: 17.8 cm wide x 33.02 cm
Operating temperature: 0 to 60 °C
No.of Analog Voltage Inputs: 6
Repair: 3-7 Day
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States
Manual: GEH-6421M


IS215UCVCH1A is a Controller Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the VIe Series used in GE Distributed Control Systems. There are three versions of the UCVC: UCVCH1, UCVCH3, and UCVCH5. The typical UCVCH1 controller is a double-slot board with an Intel Pentium CPU running at 133 MHz and equipped with 16 MB of DRAM and 8 MB of flash memory. Through the use of Ethernet, a single 10Base2 (BNC connector) Ethernet connection can be used to connect to other devices or the toolbox. Eight status LEDs arranged in a double column are found on the UCVC. When the controller is functioning normally, these LEDs are turned on one after the other in a revolving pattern. The LEDs flash an error code that indicates the issue when an error circumstance happens.


  • Execution of Control Algorithms: Controller boards carry out the control algorithms that govern the operation of turbines, including load management, speed control, and safety measures.
  • Sensor Integration: To keep an eye on variables like wind speed (for wind turbines), temperature, pressure, vibration, and turbine speed, they incorporate a variety of sensors. For precise control and system security, the controller board receives data from these sensors in real-time.
  • Actuator Control: To modify turbine operation by control algorithms and outside circumstances, controller boards operate actuators such as fuel valves, steam valves, pitch mechanisms (for wind turbines), and brake systems.
  • Fault Detection and Protection: They use algorithms for fault detection to find irregularities in the way the turbine operates and to set off preventative actions to stop harm. In the event of overspeed, overheating, or other dangerous circumstances, this can entail turning off the turbine or triggering safety precautions.
  • Communication Interface: By enabling communication between controller boards and supervisory systems, data logging, remote monitoring, and control are made possible. To ensure a smooth transition into more expansive control networks, they frequently accept communication protocols including Ethernet/IP, Profibus, and Modbus.
  • Redundancy and Reliability: To guarantee system reliability and fault tolerance in crucial applications such as power generation, redundant controller boards may be utilized. Redundancy makes sure that in the event of a controller board failure, another can take over with ease and without impairing system functionality.
  • Remote Diagnostics and Maintenance: Controller boards may have diagnostic features that allow for remote maintenance and troubleshooting, which lowers operating expenses and downtime. For proactive maintenance scheduling, they can give remote operators or maintenance staff access to diagnostics and telemetry data.

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How does the UCVC Controller Board integrate with a control system?

The UCVC Controller Board integrates into a control system by interfacing with other components such as sensors, actuators, and the main control unit. It processes visual data obtained from cameras to provide input for decision-making and control actions.

What advantages does the UCVC Controller Board offer in control systems?

The UCVC Controller Board offers several advantages, including real-time processing capabilities, high-speed performance, flexibility in programming, compatibility with various camera types, and the ability to enhance system intelligence through vision-based algorithms.

How are boards packaged for shipment from WOC?

Parts are placed in antistatic packets and securely packed in ESD boxes cushioned with ESD Foam designed to safeguard electrical components.