IS215UCCCM04A - VME Controller Card

IS215UCCCM04A - VME Controller Card IS215UCCCM04A - VME Controller Card

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Part No.: IS215UCCCM04A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: VME Controller
Series: Mark VIe

IS215UCCCM04A is a VME Controller Card and is part of the GE Speedtronic Mark VIe gas turbine control system. IS215UCCCM04A is a module assembly that includes IS215UCCC H4, Combined with 128 MB of flash memory, 256MB of DRAM, and the IS200 EPMC daughter board. Sometimes known as CPCI 3U compact PCI. The faceplate includes six ethernet-type ports. Each port is labeled with its intended use. There are a couple of LEDs on the faceplate as well. A little reset button is located at the bottom of the faceplate.

  • The male terminal on the back of the circuit board and the two huge clasps on either end of the faceplate secure the card. The board employs a variety of capacitor types to store energy for later usage by the circuit board.
  • The circuit board will route the energy to its resistors if the card needs to rid itself of unused energy. A one hundred and twenty-eight megabit (128 MB) SD card is included with the board. This card comes with its own case into which it may be slid.
  • There are numerous microchips in the controller. Data and conditions that control the circuit board as a whole are stored on microchips. The integrated circuits can be thought of as the circuit board's brains.
  • A huge black component with slits is used on the board. This part aids in the cooling of the board. Multiple interference suppressors are included in the board. External electrical sources, such as radios, cell phones, and other similar devices, are suppressed by these suppressors.

The Power Requirements for this card mention below

  • +5 V DC (+5%, -3%, 4.5A (typical) 6.75 max)
  • +3.3 V DC (+5%, -3%, 1.5A (typical) 2.0 max)
  • +12 V DC (+5%, -3%, 50mA max)

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What is GE Mark VIe IS215UCCM04A?

The IS215UCCM04A is a VME controller developed under the Mark VIe system.

What is the function of interference suppressors on a VME controller?

Outside electrical sources, such as radios, cell phones, and other similar devices, are suppressed by these suppressors.

What is a VME Connector?

Versa Module Eurocard bus is a computer bus standard used in embedded systems.