IS215ISBBH1A - Bypass Module

IS215ISBBH1A - Bypass Module IS215ISBBH1A - Bypass Module

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Part No.: IS215ISBBH1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States of America (USA)
Product Type: Bypass Module
Availability: In Stock
Series: Mark VI

Functional Description

IS215ISBBH1A is a Bypass Module developed by GE under the Mark VI series. Comprising integral features, this module incorporates a configuration with two distinct female jacks, serving as pivotal connection points for seamless integration within the Mark VI system architecture. Furthermore, the module is equipped with a functional duo of LED status indicators - Receiver Active and Not Bypassed which serve as crucial visual aids in monitoring and indicating the operational status of the bypass functionalities within the system.

An ergonomic design feature of the module is the provision of openings strategically situated on both the top and bottom sections of the unit. These openings play a dual role, facilitating efficient airflow to maintain optimal operating temperatures and aiding in effective heat dissipation. Such design considerations underscore the module's commitment to sustained performance and reliability within the Mark VI system.

Component Design Features

  • Input and Output Configuration: Four ports, two positioned at the top and two at the bottom.
  • Port Descriptions:
    • Top Ports: Two female jacks (P2 and P3) - Transmit Out and Receive In respectively.
    • Bottom Ports: A female jack (P1) labeled 'Full Duplex' and a two-position terminal strip (TB1) marked as 10 mA Max 24 V Dc.
    • Air Circulation and Heat Dissipation: Openings on both top and bottom facilitate airflow and aid in heat dissipation.

Front and Rear Panel Features

  • Front Panel: Two LED status indicators (Receiver Active and Not Bypassed) provide operational status information.
  • Rear Panel: Engineered to offer multiple mounting options for user convenience.
  • Module Connectors: Clearly labeled on the side for both top and bottom ports.
  • Diagnostic Assistance: A chart on the side aids in troubleshooting issues related to the front panel LEDs.

System UDH Communicator

  • In the domain of controller communications, the Unified Data Highway (UDH) stands as the crucial conduit facilitating data exchange among controllers within a networked environment. The UDH communicator, a pivotal element within this setup, is carefully chosen among controllers to administer the transmission of cabinet data throughout this network. This comprehensive data transmission encompasses a wide array of information, including crucial control signals represented by Ethernet Global Data (EGD) and essential alarms.
  • Each controller operating within this network maintains an autonomous and dedicated physical connection to the UDH. This setup ensures the seamless flow of information across the network, guaranteeing the propagation of control signals and critical alarm notifications among the interconnected controllers.
  • In situations where the integrity of the UDH is compromised, resulting in fractures within the network, certain controllers might find themselves isolated from the broader network of companion controllers. In such scenarios, a controller that has become detached assumes a critical role: it steps up to undertake the responsibilities of a UDH communicator for that fragmented network segment. This strategic maneuver ensures that even in the face of network segmentation, data transmission and essential communication continue within the isolated fragment, thereby preserving operational continuity.
  • While each cabinet can designate only one controller to assume the role of the primary communicator within the UDH network, the possibility exists for multiple UDH communicators to exist concurrently. Despite this potential multiplicity, it's imperative to highlight that the designated controller, vested with the primary responsibilities within the cabinet, inherently assumes the role of the UDH communicator. This inherent role signifies the pivotal responsibility and authority held by the designated controller, affirming its status as the primary communicator within the UDH network configuration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IS215ISBBH1A?
It is a Bypass Module developed by GE under the Mark VI series.

What are the key visual indicators on the module?
It is equipped with two LED status indicators - Receiver Active and Not Bypassed. These indicators offer crucial insights into the operational status of the bypass functionalities within the system.

How does the module ensure optimal performance within the Mark VI system?
Its design incorporates strategically placed openings on the top and bottom, allowing efficient airflow for optimal temperature regulation and effective heat dissipation, ensuring sustained performance.

What ports and connections does the module feature?
The module comprises four ports- two on the top (P2 and P3 - Transmit Out and Receive In) and two on the bottom (P1 labeled Full Duplex and TB1 terminal strip marked as 10 mA Max 24 V Dc).