IS210TRPGH3B - GT Primary Trip DIN-Rail Module

IS210TRPGH3B - GT Primary Trip DIN-Rail Module IS210TRPGH3B - GT Primary Trip DIN-Rail Module

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Part No.: IS210TRPGH3B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Relay Output Terminal Board
Wiring Sizes: 22 to 12
AWG Torque: 9.6 in-lb (1.085 N-m)
Output Voltage Ripple: 280 mV pk
Maximum Output Current: 400 mA
Temperature: -30 to + 65oC
Series: Mark VIe
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)


IS210TRPGH3B is a GT Primary Trip DIN-Rail Module manufactured and designed by General Electric and is part of the Mark VIe Series used in gas turbine control systems. A DIN-rail module is a standardized mounting rail used in electrical and automation applications. It allows for the secure installation of various components like circuit breakers, relays, timers, and other control devices. These modules are commonly used in industrial control panels and electrical enclosures.

Overcurrent Protection: This module is likely designed to provide overcurrent protection to electrical circuits, helping prevent damage or hazards caused by excessive current.

Adjustable Trip Settings: Users can typically adjust the trip settings to customize the module's response to various current levels, ensuring it meets the specific protection requirements of the application.

DIN-Rail Mounting: As implied by the name, it is designed to be easily mounted on a DIN rail, a standardized rail used for secure installation in electrical enclosures.

Compact Design: DIN-rail modules are usually compact and space-saving, making them suitable for installations with limited space.

LED Indicators: Many modules have LED indicators to provide visual feedback on the module's status, such as power-on, fault conditions, or tripping events.

Reliability: These modules are typically designed for high reliability to ensure that they perform consistently in critical applications.

Short-Circuit Protection: In addition to overcurrent protection, the module may offer short-circuit protection to quickly disconnect the circuit in case of a short circuit fault.

Diagnostics: Some modules come with diagnostic features to help users troubleshoot and identify issues in the circuit.

Remote Control: Depending on the application, it might support remote control and monitoring capabilities for enhanced flexibility and convenience.

Compatibility: It should be compatible with standard DIN-rail mounting systems and other components commonly used in electrical control panels.

Compliance: The module should comply with relevant industry standards and regulations for safety and performance.

Voltage Ratings: It may have specific voltage ratings to ensure it is suitable for the voltage levels of the application.

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What is a GT Primary Trip DIN-Rail Module?

A GT Primary Trip DIN-Rail Module is an electrical component used for overcurrent protection and control in electrical systems. It is designed to be mounted on a DIN rail, a standardized mounting rail used in industrial and automation applications.

What is the purpose of a Primary Trip Module?

The primary purpose of this module is to provide protection against overcurrent conditions in electrical circuits. It helps prevent damage to equipment and ensures the safety of the electrical system by disconnecting power when excessive current is detected.

How do I install a GT Primary Trip DIN-Rail Module?

Installation is typically straightforward. Attach the module securely to a DIN rail in an electrical enclosure, wire it according to the manufacturer's instructions, and configure the trip settings as needed for your specific application.