IS200VTURH1B - VME Primary Turbine Protection Card

IS200VTURH1B - VME Primary Turbine Protection Card IS200VTURH1B - VME Primary Turbine Protection Card

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Part No.: IS200VTURH1B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States
Product Type: VME Primary Turbine Protection Board
Series: Mark VI

IS200VTURH1B is a VME Primary Turbine Protection Board developed by GE. The board monitors shaft current/voltage (with alarms for excessive levels), measures turbine speed to generate the primary Overspeed trip, and controls the three primary Overspeed trip relays on the TRPx terminal board. The board also monitors eight Geiger-Mueller flame detectors.

  • The component has a single-slot faceplate with three LED indicators and a single cable connector that is connected (J5.) Three screw connectors link the faceplate to the PCB.
  • Over sixty integrated circuits, thirteen transistors, hundreds of capacitors and resistors, as well as diodes and inductor coils, make up the PCB.
    Two backplanes, a female multi-position plug for connecting a daughterboard, and various connectors made of conductive dots and traces are all included on the board.
  • The card includes one TRPx board to drive three trip solenoids, accepts eight flame detectors, and stores the pulse rate in digital circuitry. VTUR detects high voltages and checks the circuitry's integrity and continuity.
  • For speed control and the primary overspeed trip signal, the median speed signal is employed.
  • Four passive magnetic speed inputs with a frequency range of 2 to 20,000 Hz interface with VTUR. Circuit sensitivity allows detection of 2-RPM rotating gear speed using passive pickups on a sixty-tooth wheel to determine if the turbine is stopped (zero speed). This signal starts turning gear operation if automatic turning gear engagement is enabled in the turbine control.

Functional Description

The following are the functions of the Primary Turbine Protection (VTUR) board:

  • Four passive pulse rate devices measure turbine speed and send the signal to the controller, which triggers the primary overspeed trip.
  • It automatically synchronizes the generator and shuts down the main breaker.
  • Monitors the voltage and current induced by the shaft.
  • On gas turbine applications, monitors eight Geiger-Mueller® flame detectors.
  • The detectors are connected to TRPG and need an external supply of 335 V dc, 0.5 mA.
  • Controls the TRPx terminal board's three primary overspeed trip relays.
  • The trip signal is generated by the controller and delivered to VTUR and subsequently to TRPx to trip the emergency solenoids.
  • VTUR or VPRO can drive a turbine overspeed trip.TRPx has nine magnetic relays that communicate with three electrical trip devices (trip solenoids) (ETD). In TMR systems, nine relays are employed, while in simplex systems, three are used.

Interface between the primary trip solenoid and the primary trip solenoid

The controller calculates the typical primary Overspeed trip, which is subsequently sent to the VTUR and then to the primary trip terminal board of choice. The TRPx has relays that connect to the ETDs. The primary and emergency sides of the interface to the ETDs are usually formed by TRPx and an emergency trip board (TREx). Each TRPx/TREx combo can drive up to three ETDs in VTUR.

The following trip boards are supported by VTUR:

  • The TRPG is designed for gas turbines and works in tandem with the TREG board to provide an emergency braking.
  • TRPS is utilized in small and medium-sized steam turbine systems, and it works in tandem with the TRES board to provide emergency shutdown.
  • TRPL is designed for big steam turbine systems and operates in tandem with the TREL board in the event of an emergency.

Fast Overspeed Trip

The VTUR Fast Overspeed Trip algorithms can be enabled in specific instances where a faster Overspeed trip system is required. A speed measuring algorithm is used in the system, which uses a calculation for a predetermined tooth wheel.

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What is Mark VI IS200VTURH1B?

It measures turbine speed to generate the primary overspeed trip, and controls the three primary overspeed trip relays on the TRPx terminal board.

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