IS200STCIH1ADD - Compact Contact Input Terminal Board

IS200STCIH1ADD - Compact Contact Input Terminal Board IS200STCIH1ADD - Compact Contact Input Terminal Board

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Part No.: IS200STCIH1ADD
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States of America (USA)
Temperature Operating: -30 to 65 o C
Size: 15.9 cm high x 10.2 cm wide
Technology: Surface-mount
Product Type: compact contact input terminal board
Availability: In Stock
Series: Mark VIe

Functional Description

IS200STCIH1ADD is a compact contact input terminal board developed by GE. It is a part of Mark VIe control system. The board stands as a compact and contact input terminal board specifically engineered for DIN-rail or flat mounting options.


  • Design and Mounting: Compact Design: Tailored for space-efficient installation and usage.
  • Mounting Options: Supports DIN-rail or flat mounting configurations for flexible deployment.
  • Input Acceptance and Excitation: Contact Inputs: Capable of accommodating 24 contact inputs.
  • Excitation Sources: Accepts nominal 24, 48, and 125 V dc excitation from an external source to power the contact inputs effectively.
  • Noise Suppression and Protection: Surge Protection: Equipped with noise suppression capabilities to safeguard against surge and high-frequency noise, ensuring stable and reliable operation.
  • Compatibility: Integration with Mark VIe Systems: Specifically designed to seamlessly operate within Mark VIe systems, ensuring compatibility and optimized performance in conjunction with other components,.

Mark VIe Systems Integration

In the Mark VIe systems, the board works in conjunction with the PDIA I/O pack, providing enhanced functionality and integration capabilities:

  • PDIA I/O Pack: Collaboration: The PDIA I/O pack collaborates with the board, extending its functionality within the system.
    Connectivity: Plugs into the D-type connector to establish communication with the controller via Ethernet connectivity.
  • System Support: Simplex Systems: Supports only simplex systems, ensuring compatibility and functionality within this specific system architecture.


The installation of the STCI board involves a step-by-step process aimed at secure mounting and proper wiring for optimal functionality:

  • Mounting Options:Sheet Metal Carrier and DIN Rail.Along with a plastic insulator, is mounted on a sheet metal carrier that subsequently attaches to a DIN rail. Sheet Metal Assembly and Cabinet Bolting (Optional): Alternatively, the STCI with an insulator mounts onto a sheet metal assembly, which is then secured within a cabinet using bolts.
  • Wiring Configuration: Wiring the contact inputs directly to the terminal block is standard practice, often utilizing #18 AWG wires for connectivity.
    Properly terminating shields separately on a dedicated bracket ensures effective shielding.
  • Chassis Grounding: E1 and E2 Chassis Grounding Screws for SCOM. E1 and E2 screws serve as chassis grounding points for SCOM, facilitating proper grounding and system safety.
  • Terminal Block Variants: STCIH1 Terminal Block: Features a permanently mounted terminal block, providing a total of 52 terminals for connections.
  • STCIH2, STCIH4, and STCIH6 Terminal Blocks: These variants are equipped with a right-angle header that accommodates various commercially available pluggable terminal blocks. Each variant also offers a total of 52 terminals for connection purposes.
  • The installation process ensures flexibility through different mounting options and accommodates various terminal block configurations, allowing users to choose between permanently mounted or pluggable terminal block variants based on their specific requirements for terminal connectivity. Proper wiring, shielding, and grounding adherence are pivotal for the safe and efficient operation of the STCI board within the system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IS200STCIH1ADD?
It is a compact contact input terminal board developed by GE under Mark VIe series.

What distinguishes the STCI board from the TBCI board?
The board mirrors the functions and on-board signal conditioning of the TBCI but is specifically designed and scaled for 24, 48, and 125 V dc excitation levels.

How are contact input currents managed across different circuits?
The first 21 circuits have contact input currents resistance-limited to 2.5 mA, while circuits 22 through 24 allow currents up to 10 mA.

How is overcurrent protection ensured for the 24 V dc supply?
The 24 V dc supply is limited to 0.5 A using polymer positive temperature coefficient fuses, allowing for resettable protection against overcurrent conditions.

What measures are taken to maintain signal stability and reliability on input signals?
Filters are in place to diminish high-frequency noise and suppress surge at each input entry point, ensuring stable and reliable signal processing.