IS200STCIH6ADD - Contact Input Terminal Board

IS200STCIH6ADD - Contact Input Terminal Board IS200STCIH6ADD - Contact Input Terminal Board

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Part No.: IS200STCIH6ADD
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States of America (USA)
Size: 15.9 cm high x 10.2 cm wide
Temperature: -30 to + 65oC
Technology: Surface-mount
Product Type: contact input terminal board
Availability: In Stock
Series: Mark VIe

Functional Description

IS200STCIH6ADD is a contact input terminal board developed by GE. It is a part of Mark VIe control system. The component accommodate contact inputs and integrate seamlessly within a DIN-rail or flat mounting configuration. Its design and functionality cater to industrial environments and systems, offering a compact and versatile solution for handling a myriad of input signals. The board represents a sophisticated yet user-friendly interface solution within industrial control systems, offering a compact and reliable platform for accepting contact inputs while ensuring compatibility, protection against electrical disturbances, and seamless integration with the Mark VIe system. Its functionality contributes significantly to the system's ability to accurately capture and utilize contact-based input signals, thereby enhancing overall control and monitoring capabilities within industrial settings.


  • Designed to interface with Mark VIe systems, the board is capable of accepting up to 24 contact inputs. These inputs are supplied with a nominal excitation voltage of 24, 48, or 125 V dc, sourced externally. This voltage provision allows the STCI to efficiently interface with various sensors, switches, or devices that generate contact-based signals, enabling the system to receive and process these inputs accurately.
  • A key feature of the board is its implementation of noise suppression mechanisms. These mechanisms are specifically incorporated to safeguard the system against potential damage caused by electrical surges and high-frequency noise. By mitigating these unwanted signals, the board ensures the integrity and reliability of the received contact inputs, enhancing the system's overall robustness and performance.
  • In practical terms, it serves as a critical interface between external devices or sensors and the Mark VIe control system. It enables the seamless integration of contact-based signals into the broader control scheme, allowing for the monitoring, control, and response to various operational parameters within an industrial setting.
  • Its DIN-rail or flat mounting compatibility enhances installation flexibility, enabling easy integration into existing control panels or systems. This design feature streamlines deployment and maintenance, contributing to the overall efficiency and usability of the control system.


The installation process involves several key steps and considerations to ensure proper mounting, wiring, and functionality within the control system. The STCI, along with a plastic insulator, is mounted on a sheet metal carrier, which can then be affixed onto a DIN rail. Alternatively, there is an option to mount the plus insulator on a sheet metal assembly, which is then securely bolted into a cabinet.

  • Mounting Options:
    • DIN Rail Mounting: The component, combined with the plastic insulator, is typically installed on a sheet metal carrier designed to attach to a DIN rail. This method allows for convenient mounting within control panels or equipment racks utilizing DIN rail systems commonly found in industrial settings.
    • Cabinet Bolt Mounting: Alternatively, the STCI along with the insulator can be mounted on a sheet metal assembly specifically designed for cabinet installation. This assembly is then bolted securely within the cabinet, offering an alternative method for accommodating the board.
  • Wiring the Contact Inputs:
  • The contact inputs are wired directly to the terminal block. This wiring process involves connecting the external devices or sensors generating the contact-based signals to the terminal block.Typically, 18 AWG wires are used for wiring the contact inputs.
  • These wires are selected for their appropriate gauge size, ensuring proper conductivity and compatibility with the terminal block.
  • Shield Termination:
  • To prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) or noise, shields associated with the wiring should be properly terminated.
  • Shields are usually directed to a separate bracket or terminal point, ensuring proper grounding and isolation from the signal-carrying wires.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IS200STCIH6ADD?
It is a contact input terminal board developed by GE under the Mark VIe series.

What functions does the I/O processor monitor on the STCI?
The I/O processor oversees several critical functions, including monitoring the contact excitation voltage, conducting diagnostic tests on inputs, and interrogating the terminal board connector's ID device.

Can the I/O processor perform diagnostic tests on the inputs associated with the terminal board?
Yes, as part of a diagnostic test, the I/O processor conducts a comprehensive check by forcing all inputs associated with the terminal board into the open contact state. Any input that fails this diagnostic test is automatically forced into the failsafe state (open contact), and a fault is generated, highlighting the failed input.