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Part Number: IS200VSVOH1B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VI
Product Type: VME SERVO CARD

General Electric's IS200VSVOH1B is a board component for the Mark VI. GE released the Mark VI as part of their long-running and popular Speedtronic series of gas/steam turbine management systems, which began in the 1960s with the Mark I system. With the Mark VI and Mark VIe, this series of turbine control continued to evolve into the 2000s. Ethernet connectivity, a PC-based operator interface, and integrated hardware and software designed specifically for turbine control are all included in the Mark VI.

  • The IS200VSVOH1B is used as a Servo Control board. The board controls four electro-hydraulic servo valves, which drive the fuel/steam valves. Pulse rate flow inputs, LVDT excitation, and LVDT position feedback are also available on the board. The board is suitable for both triple-redundant and simplex systems.
  • A single-slot front panel is added to the PCB of the IS200VSVOH1B. This panel has a J5 cable connector as well as LED status indications. A RUN light (green), a FAIL light (red), and a STATUS light are the three LEDs on the front panel. The STATUS light is usually turned off. If an alarm condition occurs, this LED will be powered and displayed as a constant orange.
  • There are six connectors on the board, including two backplanes (P1/P2) and four conductive traces connectors (P3 through P6.) There are four relays on the board (K1 through K4.) On the top surface of each of these components is a printed diagram. Resistors, capacitors, and TP test points are all on the board. Inductor beads are also included (L1-L10.) There are over seventy integrated circuits on the board.

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What is the use of IS200VSVOH1B?

The IS200VSVOH1B is used as a Servo Control board. The board is in charge of four electro-hydraulic servo valves that control the fuel and steam valves. The board also has pulse rate flow inputs, LVDT excitation, and LVDT position feedback. The IS200VSVOH1B can be used in both triple and simplex systems.

Which are the three LEDs on the panel?

The three LEDs on the front panel are a RUN light (green), a FAIL light (red), and a STATUS light.

How to obtain IS200VSVOH1B?

IS200VSVOH1B boards, as well as other turbine control parts, are available from WOC based on the needs of the customer. Please contact us right away.