IS200VSCAH2A - Printed Circuit Board

IS200VSCAH2A - Printed Circuit Board IS200VSCAH2A - Printed Circuit Board

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Part Number: IS200VSCAH2A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VI
Product Type: Printed Circuit Board

General Electric's IS200VSCAH2A is a board component for the Mark VI. GE released the Mark VI as part of their long-running and popular Speedtronic series of gas/steam turbine management systems, which began in the 1960s with the Mark I system. With the Mark VI and Mark VIe, this series of turbine control continued to evolve into the 2000s. The Mark VI is an advanced turbine control system with Ethernet connectivity and a linked operator interface comprised of a PC running Windows.

  • As a Serial Communication Input-Output board, the IS200VSCAH2A is used. This component provides I/O interfaces for independent devices that employ serial communication protocols such as RS-422, RS-485, or RS-232C. The board connects to these independent devices via the front panel connectors using a DSCB terminal board. The maximum cable length for RS-232C serial connections is 50 feet. Up to 1000 feet of wire can be used for further connections.
  • A front faceplate is included with the IS200VSCAH2A. This is a single-slot board with various components, including three LEDs. Run, Fail, and Status are the three options. When a diagnostic alarm situation is present, the status light will illuminate.
  • There are nineteen jumpers on the IS200VSCAH2A. This comprises three-position jumpers for determining electrical characteristics of ports (JP1-JP6), transmission line configuration (JP7-JP12), and receive line termination configuration (JP1-JP6) (JP13-JP18.) A two-position jumper switch (JPU1) on the board allows you to choose between Modbus and Honeywell pressure transducer operation.
  • Over forty integrated circuits make up the IS200VSCAH2A. Oscillating chips, universal asynchronous receiver transmitters, and an FPGA are among the components (field-programmable gate arrays). Capacitors, resistors, and transformers are all on the board.

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What is the use of IS200VSCAH2A?

The IS200VSCAH2A is used as a Serial Communication Input-Output board.

How to obtain IS200VSCAH2A?

IS200VSCAH2A boards, as well as other turbine control parts, are available from WOC based on the needs of the customer. Please contact us right away.