IS200VPWRH1A - Terminal Board

IS200VPWRH1A - Terminal Board IS200VPWRH1A - Terminal Board

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Part No.: IS200VPWRH1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Terminal Board
Series: Mark VI

IS200VPWRH1A is a terminal board developed by GE under the Mark VI series. The Mark VI is a gas/steam turbine control system from GE that is part of the Speedtronic line, which has been used for turbine management for over four decades. The MKVI is the third system in this series to provide triple redundant backups on essential controls and protection parameters.

  • The component is intended to be a daughterboard or sub-assembly of the IS215VPROH215 board. The top board of this assembly, this board, connects to the lower board through four standoffs connected via screw mounts through factory-drilled holes. The PCB also attaches to the assembly's broad front faceplate.
  • The board is outfitted with several board connectors and plugs. This contains a right-angled cable connection assembly that installs into the front faceplate, two 64-position female plugs that run parallel to the faceplate, and a single 3-position plug at the PCB's rear. This socket connects to a power assembly placed in the front faceplate through surface wiring. The board is devoid of any kind of backplane.
  • In one corner of the component, there is a red and green two-light LED indicator. This attaches to the front faceplate. There are also two LED strips near the opposite front corner.
  • These LEDs are available in green or clear. They are also compatible with the front faceplate. The board is densely packed with resistors and capacitors, including carbon composite resistors (CCRs) and two huge polyester vinyl capacitors.
  • The board contains numerous integrated circuits, one transformer, several transistors, multiple lines of test points, and a heat sink component with six fins that attaches to the board via six screws positioned in standoffs.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS200ESYSH1A?
IS200VPWRH1A is a terminal board developed by GE under the Mark VI series.

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