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IS200VPROH1B - Protection Card

IS200VPROH1B - Protection Card IS200VPROH1B - Protection Card

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Part No.: IS200VPROH1B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Protection Card
Series: Mark VI

IS200VPROH1B is a Mark VI Protection Card developed by GE. Mark VI systems are often utilized in power generation applications to manage generator synchronization, turbine speed, and load control, as well as to protect against load loss.

  • This component is one of two emergency turbine protection boards available for the Mark VI. This board, together with the companion TPRO and TREG boards, provides an emergency Overspeed protection system for the Mark VI system that is independent of the primary system. It also has emergency stop features.
  • The VPRO is in charge of 12 relays on a single associated board (TREG), which votes to operate trip solenoids. This component is an updated version of the VPRO board. Unlike the older VPROH1A board, the 1B version supports a second TREG board via its J4 connector. For interactions between control modules, the board employs IONet Ethernet connections.
  • The board has a linked front faceplate. This is a double-wide faceplate with several components integrated into its surface.
  • A power switch, D-shell cable connectors, LED indicators, and an IONet interface for ethernet communications are all included. Once installed in the rack system, the faceplate features two set pins to secure the device in place. These are labeled with the GE emblem and the unit's identification code.
  • The component is built from two stacked boards. At the back edge of each of these are two unique backplane connectors. Behind the faceplate lies a massive heat sink, as well as test points, integrated circuits, transformers, resistors, and capacitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS200VPROH1B?
IS200VPROH1B is a Mark VI Protection Card developed by GE.

How to Obtain IS200VPROH1B?
World of Controls provides IS200VPROH1B as well as other turbine control products. Contact WOC.