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Part No.: IS200TRTDH1D
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Terminal Board
Series: Mark VI
Country of Manufacture: United States

IS200TRTDH1D is an RTD Terminal board developed by GE. It is a PCB board component for the Mark VI system. The Mark VI is a management system for heavy-duty steam or gas turbines that were released by GE as part of the GE Speedtronic range. The Mark VI comprises a graphical interface that is accessed via the operator interface and allows operators to control the Mark VI system directly via a graphical screen. Software for I/O configuration and monitoring, as well as signal management and signal trends, is included with the Mark VI. The Control System Toolbox program is used to accomplish this.

  • The IS200TRTDH1D is a terminal board with RTD input. The TRTD board comes in four different versions. This variant has two DC-type connectors and is a simplex board.
  • A PRTD board is connected to the PCB. Two terminal strips on the board can be disconnected for maintenance. There are twenty-four screw connections on each of these strips, allowing for eight 3-wire RTD inputs. Noise suppression circuitry is built into each input. This guards against both high-frequency noise and surge.
  • The board also includes two female 37-pin cable connectors (JA1 and JB1) that can be used to link it to a PRTD board for input reading. The controller receives the inputs after they have been converted to digital temperature values.
  • Both software system limit checking and hardware limit checking are included in the PCB. There are no jumpers or configurable hardware on the board. One edge of the board is notched, and two corners are notched. In the body of the board, there are two oval cutouts for screw mounting.

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Frequently Asked Questions on IS200TRTDH1D


What is IS200TRTDH1D?
IS200TRTDH1D is an RTD Terminal board developed by GE.

How many IS200TRTDH1D terminal strips are there?
There are two terminal strips on this board.

Is there a jumper on the IS200TRTDH1D board?
No. There are no jumpers on the board.

How to connect the IS200TRTDH1D to the PRTD board?
The board includes two female 37-pin cable connections (JA1 and JB1) for connecting to a PRTD board.