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IS200TRLYH1B - Termination Relay Card

IS200TRLYH1B - Termination Relay Card IS200TRLYH1B - Termination Relay Card

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Part No.: IS200TRLYH1B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Termination Relay Card
Series: Mark VI

The IS200TRLYH1B is a Termination Relay Card developed by GE under the Mark VI series. It is a long rectangular-shaped circuit board that is part of General Electric's Speedtronic Mark VI series. The Mark VI component series is part of the Mark family. The operation of gas and steam turbines is controlled by these devices. Since the Mark I was developed in 1969, these devices have been used in a range of sectors all around the world.

  • On the left edge of the board are two huge black terminal blocks. Each terminal block contains twenty-four silver metal terminals. There are a total of 48 terminals in all. On the terminal blocks, each terminal has been designated in white type. On the right side of the board, there are four connector ports.
  • Three connector ports are vertically aligned on the edge, while the fourth sits parallel to the connector port at the bottom. A long line of white and black relays with clear cube-shaped covers can be found at the center of the PCB.
  • Black wires have been used to connect these components to the PCB. A black circular transistor is located on both sides of each relay. A circular red MOV, or metal oxide varistor, is paired with each transistor. On the upper part of the board, five of these relays are vertically aligned. On the lower portion of the PCB, five more relays have been aligned.
  • The functional test is carried out on a real OEM system. We can guarantee 100 percent reliability because we use the OEM system. All inputs and outputs, like any other card, will be separately tested for functionality. As a result, each channel is independently vetted. Load testing is done depending on the board to verify its correct stability.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS200TRLYH1B?
The IS200TRLYH1B is a Termination Relay Card developed by GE under the Mark VI series.

How many terminal blocks are there on IS200TRLYH1B?
The board possesses two black terminal blocks.

How to Obtain IS200TRLYH1B?
WOC provides OEM turbine control products. Contact World of Controls.