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IS200TBCIH1B - Contact Input Terminal Board

IS200TBCIH1B - Contact Input Terminal Board IS200TBCIH1B - Contact Input Terminal Board

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Part Number: IS200TBCIH1B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VI & VIe
Function: Terminal Board

IS200TBCIH1B is a Contact Input Terminal Board used in GE Speedtronic Mark VI & VIe gas turbine control system. The Contact Input Terminal Board (TBCI) accepts 24 dry contact inputs wired to two barrier-type terminal boxes. DC power is wired into TBCI for contact excitation. The contact inputs have noise suppression circuiting to protect against surge and high-frequency noise. In the Mark VI systems, the tables with molded plugs connect the terminal board to VME Rack where the VCCE (or) VCRC processor board is located. Simplex and TMR systems are supported by board versions TBCAH1B & TBCAH2B work correctly with Mark VI and are functionally identical to the TBCIH1C & TBCIH2C boards. In the Mark VIe systems, the PDIA I/O packs plug into the TBCI 1,2, (or) 3 PDIA packs support a variety of system configurations Mark VIe requires the C - version of this board for correct mechanical alignment of connector JT1 with I/O pack mechanical support.

  • This board also has five solid red capacitors positioned between the small, totally spherical terminal blocks. Additional components have been put in multiple parallel rows of four components each in the middle of the board.
  • It has filters on each input that decrease high-frequency noise while also suppressing surge. Each input has a pair of terminal points, with one screw supplying a positive dc source and the other providing a return to the board
  • The first 21 inputs are currently loaded at 2.5 mA per point, whereas the last three are loaded at 10 mA. There are no hardware settings or jumpers on the board.

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What is Mark VIe IS200TBCIH1B?

The IS200TBCIH1B is a Contact Input Terminal Board that secures two or more wires together.

What is the GE Speedtronic Mark VIe Control System?

The Mark VIe control system is a versatile platform that can be used in a variety of applications.

Why is it necessary to monitor and manage the speed of a turbine?

Nuclear fusion generates heat in an atomic power plant, which is used to heat water and generate steam to power the turbine. It is required to maintain a constant speed of N 1500 RPM in order to maintain the frequency.